Married to a Virgo? 10 Traits To Expect in a Virgo Wife

Virgo's are a unique mix and you are a lucky husband to have a Virgo Wife! Independent and fiercely loyal they are led by Mercury patterns. Accompanied by strength and wit, here are 10 traits to expect from your Virgo wife. 

1. Planning and organization in the home 

Virgo's are very analytical in nature, and this tendency shows strong as they run a household and family. You can expect a home that is well-planned and thought out with care. 

2. Tidy and slightly OCD 

Virgo's have OCD traits, which translates to a tidy home. When maintained by a Virgo, your home will rarely be out of place even in all the nooks an crannies.

3. Drama-less wife, drama-less life 

Virgo's are one of the most well-grounded of the signs, making them independent and very low-key. A Virgo wife is more likely to be direct and open about issues than to pout or explode with emotion.

4. The Best Friendship 

Your Virgo wife places a high value on friendship making your marriage likely to be your best friendship as well. She will also be an excellent confidant and supporter. 

5. The Bedroom Details 

For your Virgo wife, details are everything and the bedroom is no exception. She appreciates and gives planned, detailed oriented foreplay and is more likely to notice the little things more than most. 

6. The best money manager

Your wife's analytical savvy and attention to detail makes her a great money manager for your family. Virgo women are wonderful at planning and managing a household budget, and are and mindful of their own spending. 

7. She sees your flaws 

Always analyzing, your Virgo wife notices flaws and will call you out on them. Try to keep an open mind as often she is doing this to push you to be better. You can expect to be called out on things, but it is it out love. 

8. Heading up the home 

As an independent willed woman, your Virgo wife will thrive as head of the household while keeping the welfare of the whole family at heart. She isn't likely to be a passive spouse but will take on a direct leadership role. Embrace this and lead your family together. 

9. Mother Dearest 

A Virgo has the heart of a caregiver but the analytical mind of a disciplinarian, the perfect balance as a mother. Your Virgo wife will raise loving, thoughtful children within a set of rules and expectations. This will lead to well-mannered children likely to thrive in school and extra-curricular activities. 

10. Minimum Social Life 

Your Virgo wife might strike some as a homebody, but she simply prefers quiet nights at home to a robust social life. Your family may find her anti-social and off-putting at first, but this is totally natural for the independent Virgo. 

Level-headed and down to earth, your Virgo wife will strike most as quiet and classy but her many quirks will reveal her to you as a strong role model of a woman.


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