Married Against Their Parents' Wishes Husband And Wife Set New Record As Oldest Married Couple On Earth

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

Not every marriage is accepted as it is. The union of Julio Cesar Mora and Waldramina Quintero in 1941 was disapproved at the time, but it seems it was meant to last. After eight decades of marriage, Julio and Waldramina are still going strong. In fact, in August 2020, this Ecuadorian couple was named the World's Oldest Married Couple with a combined age of over 215 years. This is a feat most of us simply cannot fathom. If hearing your loved one snore every night is enough to put you over the edge, just think of all that these two have had to endure along the way.

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According to the Guinness World Records website, Julio and Waldramina's family never approved of their marriage. Yet, with the love they have for each other, they continued against all odds. In fact, they credit this undying love for each other for their success as a married couple to this day. Upon meeting through their family members in 1934, Mora and Quintero decided to wed in Quito in February seven years later. Occurring in secret with only their godparents and best friends present, these two wed privately so they could have a delightful ceremony without the contention of their disapproving family.

Their Rocky Start Didn't Slow Them Down

Despite this secret marriage, Mora and Quintero lived in peace for several years before making peace with their family, who had disapproved. With time and patience, these two individuals were able to continue with their happy marriage and set a good example for young newlyweds to come. Once working as teachers in their younger years, these two are parents to five children of their own. With eleven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, these two are the perfect example of what a healthy relationship is made of.

Tips for a Long-Lasting Marriage

It is no wonder that More and Quintero get requests for their tips on a long-lasting marriage frequently. Folks want to know what the secret is for finding and staying in love for so many years. They attribute their fondness for each other to patience, understanding, and kindness above all. Enjoying several hobbies together and spending time participating in similar favorite past times, these two have found a connection that goes much deeper than the typical marriage. Respect and a love for life are key to their deep bond, according to Mora.

A Living Testament to Love

These two are a living testament for just how strong a bond can be between two lovers. Despite their differences, Mora and Quintero have always sought to find the good in whatever life throws at them. After so many years of marriage, it seems as though this tactic has paid off. 

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