Mariska Hargitay, 59, Proves Age Is Just A Number As She Rocks Sultry Black Dress

Jan 26, 2023 by apost team

Legendary Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield rose to fame in the 1950s after starring in films such as "The Girl Can't Help It," " Too Hot to Handle," and "The Wayward Bus." It was not just her acting that propelled her to stardom, though, but her dazzling good looks and alluring charm. She was also a singer and nightclub entertainer.

Mansfield's strong genes and acting prowess have clearly been passed on to her daughter, as Mariska Hargitay greatly resembles her mother and has a natural talent for acting too. She achieved great success on the series "Law and Order: SVU.” The show has been on the air since 1999 and is still making new episodes.

Hargitay had a turbulent start to life when her mother, Mansfield, died in a tragic car accident in 1967 when she was just 34 years old. Hargitay was only 3 years old and sadly was in the vehicle at the time of the incident, along with her brothers Miklós (Mickey Jr.) and Zoltán Hargitay.

Luckily, all three children escaped with minor injuries, although Hargitay has a visible scar on the side of her head. Hargitay survived the accident and the grief and has not let it ruin her life; instead, she has taken her mother's legacy and made it into her own.

In November 2021, Hargitay honored her mother by wearing a bright pink dress to Glamour's Women of the Year Awards. And a year later, she honored her mom again when she showed off her effortless supermodel walk. Read on to learn more about her touching tribute to Mansfield.

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Mariska Hargitay (2009), (Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Jayne Mansfield was born on Apr. 19, 1933, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Inspired by Shirley Temple, Mansfield took acting, and dance lessons, as reported by Her Moments. She also won various beauty contests, which helped her gain exposure.

Mansfield's career finally took off when she was given a part in the low-budget film "Female Jungle" in 1955. She received a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer for "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" in 1957. She continued to have roles in films such as "The Burglar" and "Too Hot to Handle," but couldn't shake off her label as "The Poor Man's Marilyn Monroe."

While driving to New Orleans from a nightclub appearance in Mississippi, Mansfield was killed in a car accident when her vehicle collided with the trailer of a tractor. She left behind her five children, Jayne Marie Mansfield, Zoltán, Mariska and Mickey Jr. Hargitay, and Tony Climber.

Mariska Hargitay is best known for starring as Captain Olivia Benson on the NBC drama series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." Speaking with Glamour in 2021, Hargitay talked about how she is “so privileged” to be an actress and that she found her “purpose.” She spoke about how her life “has been a journey in healing,” and she would give her younger self the advice, “I would have grabbed that little girl’s hand and said, ‘Everything is going to be OK. Trust me. Trust me. Everything’s going to be OK.’”

It was Hargitay’s role as Olivia that the strong resemblance to her mother became apparent. Hargitay told PEOPLE the resemblance to her mother is an honor and tribute to her and helps her feel as if “she's with me still."

Mariska Hargitay (2017), (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for HBO)

After being compared to her mother for the majority of her life, she has now embraced the similarities. "Someone once said about (remembering) my mother: 'All you have to do is look in the mirror'," she recalled.

Among those similarities is an early start in beauty contests. Like her mom, Hargitay spent much of the ‘80s competing in pageants in California. In 1982, at the tender age of 18, the young Hargitay represented her community with the title of Miss Beverly Hills. In a vintage clip of the ceremony, Hargitay is questioned by the pageant host about what her “motivation factor” is, to which she responded eloquently:

“What makes me tick is other people – the happiness that I’ve seen in other people and just wanting to be with other people and help them… when I see other people either reaching out to me, I want to reach out more but when they don't reach out, I want to reach out even more to them to make someone smile, make someone happy.”

Hargitay happily turned 59 on Jan. 23, 2023, and it's clear she will always carry on Mansfield’s legacy. But whether that includes cosmetic surgery or treatments remains to be seen. While she isn’t against procedures, saying, “if you want to do something to help you look more refreshed, I’m all for it,” she doesn’t see the effects of aging as the be-all and end-all.

“Things are sagging a bit – I’m not going to lie. But am I going to be upset about the sag or am I going to look at my three gorgeous kids and my husband and count my lucky stars?” she told Ladies’ Home Journal, according to

Mariska Hargitay (2021), (MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images)

Hargitay proved once again just how strong her mother’s legacy lives in her by absolutely rocking a classy black number. Her looks belied her years as she donned an elegant floor-length ballgown with a mermaid tail to the 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards on Nov. 7, 2022. The long-sleeved Christian Siriano dress hugged Hargitay’s figure in all the right places down to her knees, where the tulle blossomed out to create the picture-perfect hourglass silhouette. She kept accessories simple with just a few bracelets while wavy curls floated down the side of her face. 

The next day, the Hargitay posted a photo to her Instagram of her in the dress, standing with the backdrop of the New York City skyline behind her to full dramatic effect. The look was a total hit with her friends and fans, who couldn’t hide their love for her sultry snap.

“OMG. MARISKA. This is a whole other level. Good Lawd. 🔥” wrote one excited fan, while another penned, “Oh, Mariska!!! You did not come to play games, you look absolutely INCREDIBLE! This look is so beautiful and you're radiating confidence! And ma'am, can we talk about how stunning you face is?!”

Later that same night, Hargitay also posted a video of herself twirling in the dress down a New York City street. “New York State of Mind #FeelingIt #SlowTwirl #IGotItFromMyMama #LadyInBlack #AsTheWorldTurns #SpinArt #ThisDressWasMadeForTwirling,” she captioned the clip that showed off just how perfect a fit the dress was for her.

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