Marine Surprises Family After Being Away For 1 Yr But It's Little Brother's Meltdown That Goes Viral

It can be hard to be away from your loved ones for long periods at a time. It takes a lot of courage to make this sacrifice. It takes real emotional strength for the people who are leaving and the people who are staying to say goodbye to each other.

Everyone has to adjust, but sometimes it can be harder on some members of the family than others. That's a natural part of the process. For one family whose son is in the marines, his little brother took it pretty hard. So his big brother decided to come home and surprise him.

Social media and video calls can make it easier to stay in touch, but there's nothing like seeing each other in person. Crossing those miles to spend time together is an emotional investment in the family relationship.

This little boy was blindfolded. His family told him to put his hands out and get a surprise. The object was a hat, but the little boy was bewildered. Why was he being given a hat? Then, after he took off the blindfold, he saw that it was the same kind of hat that his brother is supposed to wear in the marines.

Then the little boy turned around and saw his big brother. Their emotional reunion will have you saying, "Aww!" That feeling of being reunited with the people you love is universal. The little boy started crying and gave his big brother a huge hug.

What do you think of this sweet reunion? Have you ever had to be away from the people you love for a long time? How did you cope with being separated? What did it feel like when you reconnected? Let us know in the comments - and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!