Marine Dances With Daughter At Quinceanera And Blows Crowd's Mind With Amazing Talent

Dec 29, 2018 by apost team

Jasmine smiled when her father took her hand and led her to the dance floor. Their friends and family gathered around the dance floor to watch them dance. The song that played was 'My Girl' by the Temptations.

Jasmine was dressed in a long, beautiful gown and twirled with the music while her father held her hand. The touching scene put tears in more than just a few eyes of onlookers. However, Jasmine and her father had a bigger surprise ahead for them.

Jasmine and her Dad love slow dancing. But they are also a father-daughter combo who are always game for a little fun.

The occasion was Jasmine's Quinceanera celebration and she decided, along with her father, to celebrate with a dance marathon. The music for the slow dance suddenly stopped and Jasmine and her father stared at each other. The slow dance is officially over and the two break out into a dance routine fit for the pros. Dad was without reservation as he danced along with Jasmine.

The crowd cheered loudly while watching the skilled dance routine. You will no doubt enjoy the video of their moment as much as those in attendance. This was one father who understood how to make his daughter's moment a memorable one for her. Watch until the end and you will get another surprise when a family member interrupts gain their share of the spotlight.

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