Man's Filming Swarm of Seagulls When Unexpectedly Records Mind Blowing One in a Million Moment

Brad Rich just wanted a normal day with his buddies. The group was boating just off of the coast of Seward, Alaska. All of a sudden, Brad noticed something unusual happening in the distance. Gigantic creatures kept going in and out of the water.

The Seagulls Are the First Clue

As the group sailed closer to the mystery creature, they noticed dozens and dozens of seagulls flying overhead. After living in the area for so many years, they knew that this could only mean one thing. There must be a humpback whale nearby.

It turns out that there was more than just one whale in the area. There were multiple humpback whales engaged in a true feeding frenzy. Brad was smart enough to whip out his camera and film what happened next. This amazing video has been watched more than 14 million times. If you click play, you will quickly understand why.

As the camera turns on, Brad turned just in time to see all of the seagulls following behind the pod. The smart birds knew that the whales would leave food behind from their lunch. The group of men stared in fascination as the whales pushed food from the ocean's floor and trapped it in a circle of their bodies.

The Whales Wave to the Boaters

As whale after whale surfaced, they flapped their fins like they were waving hello. The men were completely stunned. Normally, you only see this kind of animal behavior on a National Geographic show. It was unbelievably amazing to see these whales up close.

When the men thought that nothing else could possibly happen to top what they were seeing, something truly amazing occurred. Look at the video to see exactly what the men discovered. If you are watching this in children, be warned that there is some cussing. What happened next was so stunning that Brad released a few curse words in his excitement.

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