Man's Arrested By Police Who Proceed To Lip-Sync To Him About His Crimes

Whenever an internet video challenge goes viral, police officers are some of the first participants to upload their own version. Let's face it--the internet has seen an abundance of these challenges, particularly ones involving lip-syncing.

The Savannah Police Department is one of the groups of cops that have gone viral for one of their own takes on a lip-sync challenge, and their 2018 version has left everyone in a fit of laughter.

They open up with a criminal being chased down in slo-mo by a police officer.

When police finally begin to cuff the criminal on the ground, a well-known song begins to play, one that anybody who was around during the 1990s will appreciate!

"I know this pain--why do you lock yourself up in chains?" Recognize the lyrics? You're right, it's Wilson Phillips classic song "Hold On."

A female police officer, as she's arresting the criminal, starts lip-syncing this famous hit track. Most have probably never correlated this song to a criminal before. Yet, it becomes plain, clear, and obvious just how much the lyrics can translate to cops arresting a bad guy. As a matter of fact, it's quite comical just how much the lyrics align. More and more officers begin to join in and before long, the viewer can clearly depict who, exactly, Chynna, Carnie, and Wendy are.

The police officers don't just rely on a trio of starts for their viral masterpiece. There are plenty of other officers who deserve credit and, believe it or not, some horses too. The Savannah Police Department uploaded their hilarious video to its YouTube channel.

They give a well-deserved shout out to their local hit music station, Hot 98.3, as well as the locally named "Savannah Bananas" for their joint contribution to their video project. This type of viral content is almost always in lieu of a community effort, so it's nice they give credit where credit's due.

So buckle up--if you're looking for something to brighten up a dreary day, or just need a brief moment of laughter, this video will surely provide an overwhelming sensation of comical relief, fun, and well-deserved laugh.