Man Who Identifies As Broccoli Clashes With Host On Good Morning Britain

Oct 19, 2019

A man who calls himself Mr. Broccoli and identifies as the self-named vegetable was arrested at an animal protest event on Sunday. He was later released without being charged with a crime, and he appeared on the Good Morning Britain television program to talk about the incident.

His gimmick seems to be aimed at gaining attention for the cause of a more humane treatment for animals and advocacy for a plant-based lifestyle. His approach, however, did not seem to impress the presenter and the co-host of the show. He told Susanna Reid that he is simply striving to "just grow" in order to promote a plant-based food system. His insistence on maintaining an identity as a vegetable did not impress the people on the show who thought he had a serious issue to address to the audience.

Show host Piers Morgan made a comment about the fact that his costume and rhetoric were coming across as silly rather than effective for his cause. Having been arrested to show passion for his cause, it seemed that he might have enough motivation for his beliefs to avoid being a clown. Mr. Broccoli replied to this with another bit of humor, stating that he felt like he was in "extremely hot water."

When Piers Morgan asked him if he practices environmentally responsible behavior at home by not having electrical appliances, the man responded that he was "just a broccoli," and had no need for such things.

The show hosts asked the man to explain the science behind his advocacy for a plant-based diet, and they admonished him for not offering anything substantive on the issue. Again he stated that he was not knowledgeable because he was "just a broccoli." He then proceeded to take a banana out of his pocket and pretend that it was a phone. Piers Morgan responded to his clown-like behavior by calling him an idiot and saying that he is missing an opportunity to educate people about his cause.

Do you think humor is a good approach to attract attention to the plant-based cause, or do you side with Piers Morgan's point of view? Let us know in the comments, and send a link to your friends so they can partake in the discussion.