Man Who Grew Up Without A Dad Films Videos For Fatherless People To Teach Them Daily Tasks

Bellevue, Washington resident Rob Kenney runs a YouTube channel called "Dad, How Do I?" where he posts videos of common tasks you might ask your dad for help with so that children without fathers can use his videos as a resource.

Wholesome has taken the form of Rob Kenney.

He's a dad of two who has been making headlines due to his YouTube channel, where he posts instructional videos to help kids who’re growing up without dads. He does this by filming himself performing basic tasks that you'd usually ask your dad for help with such as how to iron a dress shirt, how to change a tire, how to shave and more.

At just a little over a month old, you would never guess that his channel is brand new from the number of subscribers that he currently has on YouTube. This had skyrocketed when a user on Reddit posted about him on r/Adulting last week, and it's growing steadily.

Rob's own father left him when he was 14. In an interview with Shattered Magazine, Rob shared that even though his father got custody of him and his siblings when their parents divorced, he was almost never around. “He got custody of us, but he didn’t really want us,” Rob said. This happened in the 1970s.

Rob and his siblings would go on to live on their own for weeks at a time. “He said [to Rob's older siblings], ‘You know, I’m done having kids. You’re going to have to figure out where these kids are going because otherwise, I’m putting them in foster homes,’” Rob recalled.

Rob and his siblings eventually reconnected with their dad in the 80s on a fishing trip organized by one of Rob's brothers. Rob, who forgave his dad then, said:

“He made it a point of trying to talk to each one of us individually...I know how much God has forgiven me. How can I hold something against somebody else?” 

In his videos, Rob talks us through the tasks step-by-step, so it's easy to follow and understand. What makes them even better is the dad jokes that he would include here and there. In 'How to fix most running toilets.', Rob starts by saying that his daughter called him saying that her toilet "won't stop running."

"I thought for a second, it can't be that fast, why don't you catch it?" he jests.

People have been showing their appreciation for Rob everywhere on the internet, some have even commented that they were moved to tears watching his videos. One person wrote:

"The way you're saying 'pay attention to this' [is] totally [a] dad vibe. But you're perfect. Not condescending at all like some father figure types while teaching. Great video and subscribed. You seem like a great dad."

Rob helps everyone who needs DIY tips, not just people who don't have dads. Do you agree that the world needs more dads like him? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this to your loved ones to spread the word about Rob.