Man Visits Prison With His Dog And The Service Dog Runs Towards Inmate

Dogs have been known to change the lives of their owners for the better. And the fact dogs are unaware of their impact on the lives of others makes their actions more special.

Dogs have been known to comfort us when we are lonely, greet us at the door after a long day's work, and even save a life or two.

The dog in this story goes by the name of Pax. Pax is a service dog who has brought great value to the life of a disabled serviceman. He also gave strength to an inmate imprisoned in a correctional facility.

Bill Campbell is a war veteran who suffered injuries causing him 100 percent disability. There was a time when his friends and family worried greatly for his emotional stability and quality of life. Both these things improved greatly when Bill received a golden retriever called Pax.

Bill credits Pax with giving him the strength necessary to live again after the devastation he suffered in Iraq.

Bill wanted to give thanks to the woman who trained Pax. To do so, he would have to travel to the Correctional facility of Bedford Hills. The inmate trainer was named Lauri.

Pax obviously remembered his time at the correctional facility. His tail wagged to and fro and he was clearly excited. When he saw Lauri, he ran for her immediately. Lauri was equally happy to see Pax and gave him a tight hug. Lauri also had a hug for Bill with whom she shared a love for Pax.

Lauri took Bill to the room where the female inmates trained the dogs. She explained to Bill that he was not the first broken person Pax had saved.

Lauri explained she knew Pax would do well when she was told he would be trained as a PTSD dog. She says she was extremely sad when the dog had to leave the facility. She said Pax had caused her to feel free in a place where that was not supposed to happen.

Lauri explained though she felt sad at the loss of Pax, knowing he would provide someone else with the comfort he had once provided for her, brought joy to her soul.

Lauri and Bill are now two happy people with a shared experience. And Pax is a dog who has saved two lives.

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