Man Tests Store’s 'All Leashed Pets Are Welcome' Policy By Bringing In 2,000-Pound Bull

Mar 07, 2023 by apost team

Unlike in the past, commercial establishments have become more welcoming when it comes to animals. Before, only parks were welcoming when it came to pets. But now, pets like cats and dogs can finally freely roam on the premises of places like cafes or select stores. Nowadays, animal parents can finally bring their pets along with them, and they don't have to fear leaving their pets alone with someone else. Of course, it still depends on the place as not all establishments allow pets inside their stores or restaurants. That’s why it’s always important to check with them first before bringing your fur babies. Well, one person did just that.

In March 2019, a man from Houston, Texas named Vincent Browning decided to test out if a popular pet retailer’s policy that “all leashed pets are welcome” inside their stores was true. So, that’s what he did when he brought his animals along with him. But if you’re thinking it was a small animal like a dog or cat, you would be wrong as he brought with him an unusual pet. No, it’s not a rabbit or a monkey on a leash. He and his partner Shelly Browning brought with them a 2,000-pound African Watusi named Oliver.

Of course, the customers at the Houston Petco located in the suburb of Atascocita were left stunned after seeing the gigantic animal. As for the staff members at Petco, they lived up to their promise as they welcomed the large animal with open arms.

In the Facebook video that Vincent shared on social media, he could be seen walking with Oliver from the parking lot all the way inside the store. 

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One of the Petco employees even gave Oliver a pat on the head as soon as he entered the store. Other staff members tried to caress him, and ome of them even became instant fans of Oliver and had photos taken with him. 

But Vincent always knew the people at the said Petco branch had always been friendly and courteous.

“The staff members here are always super friendly and courteous to us. We really enjoy coming to this location...our favorite Petco BY FAR!” Vincent wrote in his post. 

But Shirley admitted that she didn’t expect Petco would allow Oliver in so she added that she couldn’t be any happier that they did bring him in. 

“I didn't think a major chain like that would be open to us bringing him in, but we were just kind of testing the waters on that all-leashed-pets-welcome policy they have,” Shirley said in an interview with Chron.

Shelly also said that they have always wanted to bring Oliver with them to Petco. So, finding people who welcomed the happy family with open arms just made everything perfect.

“It was exciting and just something we really wanted to do anyways. So it just really kind of fit that we got there (and) came at the right time when the right people were there. They welcomed him with open arms, everyone was so excited,” Shelly remarked.

Of course, some people couldn’t help but feel concerned about Oliver being around a lot of people. So, Vincent took the opportunity to explain in the same Facebook post that then-15-year-old Oliver is “fully trained and has been in events around people since he was 2 years old.”

What do you think about Vincent and Shelly Browning’s decision to bring the gigantic animal into their store? Would you do the same thing? Let us know what you think and pass this on to your family and friends who might find this story interesting!

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