Man Takes His Cat For A Walk To The Park As His Cat Enjoys Swinging

Jul 17, 2021 by apost team

If you have a pet cat, you may have seen them staring longingly outside a window in your house. Many cats love the outdoors, but it isn’t always safe to let them wander by themselves outside. This is when it may be a good idea to try taking your cat out for a walk. One man, as seen in a video that went viral on Facebook in 2021, is seen walking his cat to a park where things take an unexpected turn.

The cat jumps up onto one of the swings as if he has done it a million times before. The man then uses the leash that is attached to the cat to pull the swing back and forth. The swing picks up speed and soon the cat is flying high while hanging on to the seat with all its strength. The sight is pretty hilarious, and the cat looks like it is having the time of its life. 

One thing to note about the video is that the man is walking his cat on a leash that is attached to a collar. The cat from the video is quite large, but a more average-sized or small cat could easily slip out of the collar and run away if it was frightened. This is why it is recommended to use a harness when you take your cat for a walk.

Also, not all cats may enjoy going for walks, so it is important to follow your cat’s lead and only take them out when they want to go. The cat from the video looked thrilled to be outside, and ran toward the swing as if it is a common occurrence. Keep reading to learn more about the video and why cats love to go outside.  

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The video was posted to Facebook by Dixie Lopez, and it has been viewed over 930,000 times. Nearly 7,000 people left comments as well. The majority of the comments were people recommending the video to their friends, but one person said, “This makes me smile...that cat is having such a good time!”

Another person brought up an interesting point in the comment section; they said, “I wonder how these two figured it out!” The swinging seen in the video was clearly not the first time the man and cat had used the playground equipment, and it seemed like it was all the cat’s idea. 

Sherry Woodard, a longtime animal behavior consultant at Best Friends Animal Society, explains why cats are so fascinated by the outdoors. She told Huffington Post, "A lot of cats love to go outside and smell things, see things and roll around in sand and grass and dirt. They love to scratch real trees. Those are things they can do on a walk."

Woodward also explained why going on walks is healthy for cats. She said, “The cat is thinking more. It's thinking about how to use its body and what things smell like. The cats are brighter and engaged."

Some cats need extra time to adjust to the harness, but once they do, their behavior can improve. Because they have the chance to explore their surroundings, some cats can gain confidence from going out on walks. Woodward said, "A lot of cats may lack confidence, but they gain it once they're harness trained.”

Did you find this video funny? Would you ever take your cat out on a walk? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to the cat lovers in your life.  

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