Man Swipes Parcel From Stranger’s House In Broad Daylight With Payback Looming

Oct 16, 2020 by apost team

Tom Mabe from Kentucky found his packages mysteriously missing from his porch. After setting up a camera, his initial hypothesis was confirmed: there was a porch thief that kept stealing from him with no remorse or end in sight. What's a comedian and prankster by nature going to do to fix things? He does what he does best: prank the guy! This video from 2016 is sure to tickle your ribs. 

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Tom Mabe and his neighbor would get notifications that their online purchases were delivered. However, they somehow went missing and determined that the packages were most likely being stolen, and they did not want to be victims anymore.

When Tom outfitted his front porch with a security camera, his suspicions were confirmed. As Tom pulls pranks for a living, he came up with a way to get revenge in a manner that would really "mess up" someone's day.

On that very eventful day, a small car drives by Tom's home, then turns around and comes back. It stops and a middle-aged man gets out. Oddly enough Tom mentions that he knows him in the video below.

Recognizing the thief surely must have been disappointing because neighbors don't like to think of people in their communities as burglars. Once the car stops, the man comes up the walkway very calmly as though he has done this a few times. He showed no fear of being caught. He simply picked up the box and walked off nonchalantly.

He Finally Got Caught

Little did he know that this was not illicit business as usual. Under the watchful and anticipating eyes of Tom and his friends--the revenge crew--they eagerly awaited for that box to go "pow" in the video below.

With the help of his friends, he had secretly rigged that box with an explosive device, but not the type that would cause bodily injury, of course.

The box was set to go off 40 seconds after the device sensed motion. The revenge crew's anticipation of seeing the explosion unfold was short-lived. They erroneously thought the vehicle would be out of their line of sight in 40 seconds.

But suddenly, the car stopped, and they could see it. Out jumps the man who thought he took something of value but was now covered in--gross alert--two-day-old poop. The box wasn't just rigged to explode: the human waste inside would explode with it.

Once the crew saw that their device worked, they worked themselves into a mini frenzy with laughter. There was no mention of reporting the thief to the police, just good ol' fashioned, stinky payback.

Since the box exploded inside the car, the cleanup will be long and tedious. The explosive, a sulfuric nitrate compound with old fecal matter was disposed of in a very unconventional and satisfying manner for the revenge crew.

To the shame of the porch pirate, he is now an unwitting, bonafide, social-media, viral sensation. It's hall-of-shame status that no one wants to be in.

Have you ever had anything stolen from you? How did you handle it? Let us know, especially if your revenge was, shall we say, creative, in the comments below and make sure to pass this along to your friends and family! 

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