Man Swims Together With White Polar Bear He Has Raised For More Than Two Decades

Jul 13, 2021 by apost team

Mark Dumas, also known as grizzly man, is taking pet ownership to an entirely unprecedented level. Just when you think you’ve seen all the unique, loving, and crazy levels pet owners are willing to go for their furry pals, a man decides to swim with the biggest land predator like he’d walk his pet dog.

Polar bears are iconic, majestic creatures. They’re one of the most adored species in the world, and many humans are acting tirelessly to ensure they continue to survive and thrive in the wild. That said, these are also powerful and dangerous creatures, even in the water. When it comes to water activities, polar bears are remarkable.

Despite having massive body weights, they can swim at speeds of up to six mph for days at a time according to the World Wildlife Foundation. In fact, it often takes hours of constant swimming for polar bears to venture from one piece of frozen land to another in search of food. They have huge paws and sharp claws to help them paddle for swimming and grip the ice once they’ve arrived. It’s interesting that polar bears manage to swim paddling with only their front legs. The hind legs act as a rudder.

Another interesting polar bear fact is that they’re not white at all. They have translucent fur that reflects light, which makes them appear as white as the snow. This helps them blend into their natural surroundings since their skin is actually coal black. They’re amazing creatures, right? Imagine being able to experience all this wonder with your very own pet polar bear! For most of us, it sounds a little too much like a good way to become a snack. But for Mark, it’s just like cuddling/swimming with/petting a beloved pet.

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Mark isn’t just the only man in the world swimming with a polar bear... he’s a 60-year-old man swimming with a polar bear. And, said polar bear just happens to be his faithful companion. Agee, Mark’s 16-year-old polar bear weighing 800 lbs, according to the video's description, loves to go for regular dips in Mark’s pool. Mark kisses, hugs, and wrestles with Agee.

He even puts his head in her gigantic paws. Mark is a polar bear handler from Abbotsford, British Columbia with over 40 years of experience with animals. He and his wife, Dawn, have trained Agee to star in movies and advertising. At just a few weeks old, Agee appeared in the 1996 movie “Alaska.” Agee has been with Mark and Dawn since she was just six weeks of age. They bottle-fed her, and she’s had the freedom to play with them and the other family pets. "Agee has lived with me for her whole life," Mark told LADBible. "She's always there. I'm with her until she passes or I pass. I mean, that's just the way it is."

However, Mark is very clear that if anyone else was to even attempt to interact, much less swim with, Agee, they’d likely end up dinner. Mark says he can read Agee to know how to safely interact with her. He knows she is the boss and follows her rules. It’s nice to know that Agee has a safe place to call home, even if her guest list is limited to Mark and Dawn. Despite conservation efforts by many groups and individuals, wild polar bears aren’t so lucky. Their natural habitat remains under serious threat and continues to dwindle rapidly.

What a touching story to see the unique bond between a polar bear and human, right? Let us know what you think! Be sure to pass this awesome friendship along to others to both give them a smile and help them remember the plight of the wild polar bear.

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