Man Stuns Wife With New Shave And Haircut

Oct 18, 2020 by apost team

People can and do change, sometimes dramatically. Even someone who embraces the same look year after year might go for a makeover. A wife recently felt surprised when her husband decided to do away with his trademark hair and beard.

Jon and Eva Mahoney got married in 2014. The decision to grow the beard and hair marked an event in their lives: the two chose to become world travelers.

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For two and a half years, the couple traveled through 33 countries. Before departing, Jon started growing his beard. In a way, the beard reflects his and his wife's enjoyable journey.

After two and a half years, travel stopped, and the two settled down in Moscow, the city where Eva was born. Even though no one is traveling, Jon kept his long red beard. Although a "homesteader" now, Jon can't stop his vacation beard from growing. So, he kept growing the beard and hair until the day came to make a change.

Jon has many pictures to remember his beard. Some photos show the beard proves valuable in cold weather, and some destinations on his trip did land him in cold locations. One photo shows his beard covered in ice.

And then there is the photo of Jon sitting in the barber's chair, as the barber brings giant sheers to the red beard. Jon makes an exaggerated look of shock when the sheers get into position. Cameras captured the beard-cutting for posterity, and the time-lapse video comes off as humorous. The video found its way to Facebook and turned out to be more popular than anyone ever imagined. Roughly 10 million people viewed the video, which is stunning.

Was anyone more stunned than Jon's wife? Eva felt shocked to see her husband without his trademark beard and long hair. It was as if Jon was a different person, but that's still Jon, just a clean-shaven version of himself.

Jon did save some of the beard hair as a souvenir. You would think he'd keep the beard since Moscow can get cold during wintertime. Jon mused that it wasn't too big of a deal, as he could always grow the old beard back.

If he lets it continue to grow for two and a half years, he will end up looking like his old self. For now, he could look at the "old him" by watching the video. Why not let others see the video? The story could bring some humor and joy to people's lives. The story isn't just about a long beard; it is about a loving couple.

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