Man Stuns Ex By Paying Off Her Entire Mortgage To Thank Her For Being A Great Mother

Oct 16, 2021 by apost team

There is nothing that a parent wouldn’t do to help their child. That also includes parents who are no longer in a relationship. One father, who parted ways with his son’s mother in April 2021, gave her an incredible birthday gift as thanks for being such a wonderful mom. Shaun Nyland is a TikTok star from England and he filmed the moment he announced to his ex, Cat Keenan, that her mortgage was entirely paid off. 

Nyland and Keenan were together for seven years and share a 3-year-old son named Leo. They decided to part ways after mutually agreeing they would be happier apart and there has been no animosity between them. This is proven by the astounding present Nyland gave Keenan on October 13, 2021, which was her 31st birthday.

In the video, you can see Keenan sitting as Nyland tosses her the house keys. She is confused at first, and after Nyland explains that he called the bank and paid off her mortgage, Keenan still didn’t believe him. He told her to check her email for confirmation and after seeing that she rushed to give Nyland a huge hug. 

Nyland said that he was able to afford this due to his rise in popularity on TikTok, which is now his full-time job. The father explained that since he had the money he saw no reason not to provide a home for his son and Keenan. 

Nyland also explained that when they were together, the couple posted on TikTok as a team and he noticed Keenan was posting fewer videos after the breakup. He knew this meant she was making less money and Nyland didn’t want his ex-girlfriend to worry about putting a roof over their son’s head. Keep reading to hear more about this incredible father. 

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In the video, Nyland explains to Keenan: "Well it's your birthday today and I want you to have the best birthday ever.”

He continued, "I know we're not together anymore and you've been struggling paying off the mortgage every single month, and I'm so proud of you, you're the best mum ever. So I did something, I rang up the bank, I paid off the entire mortgage, this house now belongs to you."

After hearing this, Keenan thought Nyland was “winding her up” but he told her: “This is not a prank, this is all yours.” The mother was beyond excited by the news and looked emotional after the reality sank in.

Nyland shared with Wales Online what caused the couple to break up. He said, "We were working 24/7, getting on each other's nerves. So we decided to go our separate ways."

The father wanted to provide for his son and Keenan even though they are no longer dating. "I wanted to take that pressure off her," he explained. "If I am able to do it, then why not. I wanted to keep a roof over hers and Leo's head and take the pressure off Cat."

The TikTok has been viewed nearly four million times and Nyland was asked why the video is so popular. "I think because it's heartwarming," he answered. "And kind and people like to watch that. It's quite unheard of. For me, it's how co-parenting should be. I know not everyone has the ability to do what I've done but children should come first."

The couple got famous back in October of 2019 when they decided to post funny, comedy videos to TikTok. Previously working as a dog walker and sales manager, the duo eventually made so much money off of the social media platform that they were able to quit their jobs and make content full time. However, working with a significant other is not always a walk in the park; the two split due to the pressure at the beginning of 2021. Cat Keenan told Wales Online how the job of making one's living off of social media became harder once she split from Nyland:

"When we were together, there was more work coming in. Going alone was a struggle."

A follow-up video was posted by Keenan in which Nyland expressed how grateful he is that she's the mother of his child:

"You gave me the best gift of all time, you brought Leo into this world. I know you've been struggling, You've been telling me you're struggling, you've been working really hard, and it just makes sense to put a roof over yours and Leo's head."

Although these two decided to split up, they clearly don't have any animosity between them. Even at such a young age, the couple has seemed to master the core values of what it means to co-parent and have taken the mature route in their relationship. Despite one of Keenan's children being from a previous relationship and not with Nyland, Nyland nonetheless decided to help his ex and make sure that both his child and the mother of his child were taken care of. 

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