Man Struggles For Hours To Install New Cat Door - Only To Be Outsmarted By Kitty

Jan 02, 2019

Cats can be highly amusing critters, intelligent with a sardonic sense of humor. If you’ve ever had one as a member of your family, then you know just how playfully hilarious they can be!

Philo Cat, better known to his family as “Phil”, is one mischievous kitty! When his dad decided to install a cat door for Phil, his reaction leaves us in stitches.

Phil’s dad had decided that it was time for Phil to be able to get in and out of the house on his own. So Dad spent a whopping 2 hours installing a cat flap for Phil to get a taste of freedom of choice, whether in or out.

Being able to come and go as he pleases seems like it would be fantastic for Phil, but when Dad tried to get him to test the new flap, Phil decided he was smarter than your average kitty.

With camera rolling, Phil’s pet parents proudly let him check out the new flap. Phil, in true cat fashion, steps lightly up to the door and takes a few sniffs of his new entrance. He promptly inspires laughter when he ignores the cat flap completely and stands up to open the door like any average human would.

It’s quite a chuckle to imagine Phil’s dad’s pride crashing into dismay as the witty kitty simply pulls on the doorknob and waltzes inside as if nothing changed. Don’t fret though! Phil doesn’t have the thumbs to unlock a door, he’ll be using the cat flap sooner or later, and Dad’s work won’t go to waste!

What did you think about goofy Phil? Do you have a cat that makes you laugh too? Let us know in the comments - and feel free to pass it on to your friends and family to give them a laugh!