Man Stops Shopping Carts In Their Tracks As He Plays Beethoven In The Store

Jun 09, 2021 by apost team

Running errands can sometimes feel like a chore, but there are those rare moments when going grocery shopping or buying toiletries can actually be fun. You just need to find a way to entertain yourself and try to make the experience as fulfilling and memorable as possible. It can help to go with some friends to try to make the day feel more like an adventure than a necessity. Maybe you could even try to set up some type of challenge for your group to complete by the end of the day.

You could also try to come up with a game to play while you’re out and about shopping. For example, you could make a Bingo card for yourself or your group of friends and check off everything that you have listed. Whatever idea you have, finding a way to make the day feel more entertaining is key when it comes to having a good time while running errands.

For a few people in Costco, they were able to have the time of their lives without even having to do anything all thanks to one shopper. While many people were simply walking by the man while pushing their shopping carts, he was busy getting ready for the performance of his life. The man entertained the unsuspecting crowd with a piano rendition of a classic Beethoven song, leaving many people to stop their shopping carts in their tracks.

The humble performance was later uploaded online in 2020 and quickly went viral thanks to the power of the internet, as people all over the world cannot get enough of the outstanding talent the man showcased during a not-so-ordinary day at Costco.

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Costco Wholesale Corporation, simply known as Costco, is an American multinational corporation that operates a number of chain big-box retail stores that are membership-only, with its headquarters being in Issaquah, Washington, a suburb of the city of Seattle. The locations of stores span worldwide, with most stores being in the United States and Canada.

While people have to pay a membership fee to shop at Costco, the price is worth it for some customers, as the store is filled with everything you could ever possibly want or need. The number of members has continued to increase over the years, with the most recent count being at 105.5 million members in 2020.

Costco is known for its large quantities of food since the store sells huge bundles of various products. The retailer also sells a whole host of other things, including electronics, home appliances and beauty products. Some stores also have their own pharmacies to boot. Along with this, a Costco membership can be used at partnering stores or services like local gas stations.

A typical shopping day at Costco quickly turned into a memorable experience for many shoppers as one man by the name of Lionel Yu decided to put on a show with one of the Yamaha pianos that was for sale at the store. According to Yu’s official website, he started Musicalbasics in July 2008 and created videos “filled with utmost passion and love for piano and classical music.” His desire to inspire deep emotions within people led him to continue to project.

Yu uploaded a video of his performance at Costco to YouTube on July 3, 2020, with a little more insight into what made him choose to play in front of so many people while shopping. Since its upload, the video has received over 2.9 million views and over 69,000 likes. 

The description of the video reads: “I was making my usual rounds to get some free samples when I saw that Costco had some grand pianos on display. The Yamaha rep was awesome, extremely nice and was cool with letting me try out the piano.”

While many people pushed their shopping carts past Lu, he sat at the piano and began playing the level five version of “Beethoven Virus.” He immediately began showing off his skills as his fingers moved professionally and knowingly across the piano keys. Yu didn’t miss a beat as he continued on with his humble performance. In the video, Yu described the performance as an “epic backing soundtrack for buying (Gatorade) and toilet paper.”

As the performance continued on, many people grew interested in what was happening and put their shopping on hold to stop and watch Yu majestically play the piano. A small crowd began to grow surrounding the piano section, as people couldn’t help but be drawn into the musical abilities Yu showcased in the large store.

“The sound of shopping carts is the perfect addition to our chaotic symphony,” Yu explained in the video. The talented pianist didn’t seem to miss a note as he completed his performance, followed by a nice round of applause from the Costco audience.

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