Man Slips On Ice Cubes And Demands Money For Injuries, But Cameras Capture The Real Story

Feb 07, 2019 by apost team

This man went to the cafeteria in his workplace as usual, but on this day, things went a little differently - and triggered a chain of events that would end up changing his life.

The United States is known for many things, as well as being one of the most litigious departments of justice in the world.

In fact, there's a stereotype that n America, people can sue one another for virtually anything.

One of the most common types of civil lawsuits filed in the United States of America's courts of law is that of personal injury.

When businesses, organizations, or governments are directly responsible for an innocent person's injury, they are liable to be sued in civil court through personal injury lawsuits.

Alexander Goldinsky is a 57-year-old man who works inside a large building that houses several unique, free-standing businesses. The building has a full-fledged cafeteria where employees can eat, regardless of which business they work for.

Like every other cafeteria, this cafeteria has an ice maker and drink machine. As many of us have discovered through personal experience, ice is very slippery whenever it is partially melted and dropped onto the floor, for example, making it easy for people to fall if they step on that ice.

Goldinsky must have been fed up with his employer the day he faked a back injury.

Alexander Goldinsky dropped a few ice cubes on the floor on purpose, then slipped on them and fell on the ground. He didn't even get up until someone else came to check on him!

Little to Alexander's knowledge, cameras caught the escapade on camera. Goldinsky had already filed for an insurance claim by the time he was slapped with the charges of insurance fraud and theft.

Police saw Alexander's not-so-smooth move a few days after the event took place, immediately arresting him after they caught him red handed on film.

It never pays to cheat!

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