Man Slammed As Steak Snob For Serving His Parents Wagyu But His In-Laws Lower Quality Meat

Mar 16, 2023 by apost team

Food has a way of bringing people together, but what happens when it feels like it’s tearing you apart?

When one man discovered that his in-laws were not as refined in terms of what and how they eat, he decided to cater to their taste by serving them lower-grade food than he would normally serve his parents. Now, it’s gotten him into hot soup with his wife, which prompted him to detail his experience on Reddit to get the community’s feedback.

On March 3, 2023, the original poster (OP) wrote that he doesn’t serve his in-laws top-grade wagyu beef as they are the kind of people who “refuse to eat steak that isn't well done.” In comparison, he described his parents as having a more refined palate that allows them to appreciate and savor top-notch food as it should be.

“My wife and I live far away from both of our sets of parents. We visit them a couple of times a year and they visit us about the same,” OP began his post. He then detailed the differences between his parents and his wife.

“My mom and dad love food. They will buy pounds of garlic and leave it in a rice maker for a month to make black garlic. They plan their vacations around amazing restaurants,” he said.

“My in-laws are lovely people but boiling chicken drumsticks is fancy for them. And they refuse to eat steak that isn’t well done. I discovered this the first time I went to their home for dinner. I wasn’t even asked how I like my steak. Everyone got a well-done steak,” he added by way of explaining that those who enjoy well-done steaks have unrefined tastes, while for those with culinary sensitivities, this usually means the meat is overcooked.

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OP continued in the post:

“It took me years to convince my wife to try a medium rare steak. Now she loves them. I bought some beautiful prime steak for them when they came over when we moved in together. I made theirs medium well, and I died a little inside. Her dad took it back to the grill and destroyed them. So now I buy Select grade meat.”

OP said his parents, however, get the five-star treatment. 

“I’ve been buying some excellent quality Wagyu for when my parents visit. Not every single time. Maybe once a year,” he said, referring to a type of beef that comes from certain breeds of cattle originating in Japan. What makes wagyu beef unique is its high level of marbling, which refers to the visible white fat that runs through the meat, giving it a tender, juicy, and buttery flavor. Wagyu beef is highly regarded for its quality and is often considered a delicacy.

“My wife says I’m being an a****** by not treating both families the same. I don't think I should waste money on great food for them when I know how they will treat it,” OP ended the post.

Feedback from the Reddit community was mixed. Some sided with the OP, while others urged him to find a middle ground so that his wife wouldn’t feel like her family was being treated unfairly.

“Your parents enjoy a good steak, enjoy a good steak with them. Her parents enjoy a good whisky, enjoy a good whisky with them. Treating them equally does not mean treating them identically,” one user wrote.

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Many commenters also came up with some alternatives for the couple.

“Find a way to make sure your wife and in-laws see the appreciation in a similar way since food isn't the option. Do you take them to shows, movies, or pay for any of their interests? That might help even out the feelings your wife is having,” one user suggested.

“Buy and prepare meat that is properly cooked well done, such as braised short ribs or lamb shank; barbecued spare ribs, beef stew or brisket. How about pulled pork from a lovely pork shoulder? All are cooked low and slow for hours. There’s lots more food than steak, buddy, branch out,” another recommended.

OP also came under attack for coming off as elitist and pretentious.

When one user commented, “steak snobs are insufferable,” many backed the sentiment. One user responded, “Thank you!! Finally!! Can we let people enjoy their steaks how they like it. Same goes with the music tastes snob squad.” Yet another agreed and said, “You are such a snob about how other people like their food. You purposely buy lower quality steak because you don’t think they should like their food in the way that they do.”

Meanwhile, one curious reader simply needed to know why OP’s parents were putting garlic in a rice cooker. OP explained:

“If you leave garlic cloves fully peeled and everything in anything that can do a low temperature for a long time like a rice cooker, slow cooker, instant pot, like that it turns black. Not burned. Just fully caramelized at a low temperature. It is creamy and garlic but not harsh.”

In the end, OP had the last word: “I love my in-laws and they will be great grandparents someday. I’m just not going to waste good steak.”

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What are your thoughts on OP’s decision? Do you prefer your steaks rare or well done? Let us know, and pass this along to friends and family to get their take on steaks, too.

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