Man Sitting Alone In Forest Finds Himself Suddenly Surrounded By Unexpected Visitors

Aug 08, 2020 by apost team

This man's experience like something out of a children's magical storybook and takes place deep in the lush green forests of southern Ontario. An older man with white hair is sitting on a tree log alone and enjoying an apple as a snack. He is unaware but is being witnessed by a lovely group of creatures.

Let's be honest; you observe enough sadness, violence and evil things occurring around the world on a daily basis. You long for a feel-good tale and one where nature's wilderness bonds with man. Well, this is the perfect story for you!

It's a bright sunny day, and he is munching his apple, when suddenly, behind a cluster of tall trees, beautiful deer come out prancing to greet the man. One by one, they shyly emerge, hoping for a small bit of apple to eat. The man obliges and tears off tiny pieces and tosses them to these doe-eyed beauties.

There he sits, all alone in the middle of greenery and the finest nature has to offer. The deer, at least four of them, quietly come closer to nibble on the juicy scraps of apple he is providing for them. The deer go about their business, looking for forest food around him and do not seem to mind that a kind, human visitor is among them.

The man looks happy to see his unexpected visitors leaping about the forest.

The beautiful, elegant animals are swift to move about but also to explore the forest and not feel afraid of or threatened by their new human friend. One even comes right up to the edge of the tree log to look at him.

We are all lucky that there is footage of this adorable moment in nature. Pass this story along, to give everyone a feel-good tale so they can smile with you!