Man Sees Puppy Tied To A Train Track And Realizes He Was Abandoned There On Purpose

Under some circumstances, some people are likely to act inhumanly. This was the case with an innocent dog that had been tied intentionally to the railroad track pleading at the mercy of death’s fangs. Jared Twedell was a witness to this inhumane act.

Jared was going about his routine driving by the local recycling center when he saw the dog tied helplessly to the rail track. At first glance, Jared thought it was a deer resting by the tracks when he noticed some movements.

He thought that was a dangerous area for anybody or anything to be resting on. Jared took it upon himself to try and scare the animal away by making sounds.

On raising its head, Jared realized that it was, in fact, a dog and not a deer as he had earlier thought. Also, the dog had been tied to the train track, and it couldn’t run or scare away. Jared was shocked and quickly decided to help out the poor dog. He would see that the dog was trying to move closer to him but it couldn’t because the rope held it back.

Jared, a resident, knew that the train passed through that route at least thrice a day. However, he wasn’t sure when the train would pass and exactly how much time he had in hand to set the dog free. One thing was for sure; he had to try and set the dog free.

The dog’s savior quickly sprang into action. He jumped out of his car and ran towards the dog’s direction to assess the situation and how he could help. Jared was skeptical about approaching the dog since he didn’t know how he would react.

However, he tried his luck, spilled his charms and called the dog “buddy.” The dog was friendly, and responded by wagging his tail to signal everything was fine.

By the dog’s body language, Jared could tell that he was worn out from staying too long under the sun. The dog had been tied like a boat to a dock. The act had been done intentionally and inhumanly. Jared wasn’t happy about this, and the thought of it made him sick.

Right on time, Jared managed to release the dog. He also decided that he would take him home. He named him Samson, helped him to the car and took him home.

After reaching home, Samson joined the pet family with two other rescue dogs, a Flemish giant rabbit, and cats.

Jared’s kindness and humanity helped Samson see another day, and many more, in his life. What are your thoughts on Jared’s story? Pass this on to any animal lovers you know.