Man Sees Little Boy Staring At His Phone And Is Entirely Unaware Fellow Passenger Is Recording

Sep 16, 2021 by apost team

Have you ever been a spectator to a sweet and simple moment that made your day? Chances are that you've seen heartwarming things happen that can keep you smiling all day and you have shared your experience with your loved ones. It isn't every day, however, that a sweet gesture is caught on tape and quickly becomes a popular video on the internet. Some truly amazing things can happen on public transportation, especially in a city as big as New York. Though sometimes what happens can be unsettling, other times there are sweet moments like this one from 2018 when a man handed his phone over to a young boy so that he could play a game. 

Though we do not know the names of both people, we do know that the video is sure to make you smile! While riding on the subway, the older man noticed that a young boy was watching him play a game on his phone. It was clear that he was fascinated by what he saw. Most of us who love playing games on our phones know how addictive it can be to cross levels and win awards. The little boy on the subway probably wanted to play the game as well but did not have a phone due to how young he was. The smallest things can make the biggest difference, and this was true for the little boy who yearned to play the game when the older man, without any thought, handed the phone over to him. 

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The gesture in itself was very tiny: giving the little boy a chance to play the game was a very insignificant thing to do. The man, wearing a gray t-shirt, probably didn't think that his actions would become viral. When he gave the boy who was wearing a red cap his phone, the joy on the boy's face was palpable. For the rest of his ride, the boy was having a great time playing on the man's phone. The man sat patiently as the little one enjoyed himself. The older man most certainly didn't expect this would happen on this commute that day, but it's hard to imagine that he didn't at least feel a little better mood-wise after such a show of generosity.

This wasn't something he did for attention either. The moment was captured by another commuter, Kia Tatiyana Davis. We are still not sure who the man was, but he might have found out some days later that he had become popular when the footage was posted on YouTube. The video is a little over a minute long but has proved to be a timeless piece that will remain a favorite among netizens. We believe it may have become so popular because it was something that could remind all viewers that small acts of kindness can have a big difference. Even if something is temporary, the memories they provide don't have to be. The little boy is sure to remember this moment for years to come, and will probably think fondly of this man for a long time.

Spreading Around

In an increasingly cynical world, there is a lot of news that can make us feel hopeless and deserted. When it comes to New York City and its (in)famous subways, there are plenty of stories that can make someone not want to ever ride the subway again. However, the special thing about NYC subways is that they also churn out some of the most wonderful stories that can warm your heart in an instant. An example of another small but sweet moment shared on the subway is shared by Betty with the New York Times

"We were stuck on the Q train in the tunnel between the Brooklyn Bridge and DeKalb Avenue. It was a long time without any information. A normal-looking man in a suit standing by the door started having a panic attack, basically freaking out. An older woman got out of her seat, went over to him and talked to him in a very calm and caring voice until the train finally started moving again. We applauded when the train doors opened at the station. He got out, and she stayed on. Random people asked her if she was a health care professional, but she was just a regular person who stepped up to help a stranger. It was a beautiful moment in an otherwise miserable commute."

A lot of good can happen when strangers look out for each other and kindness takes precedence. In the video below, the man's kindness towards a young child has continued to inspire and affect millions of people who watch the short interaction between two unlikely strangers. 

Paying It Forward

After watching the video, commenters sang the praises of the man and remarked on how adorable the young boy was. One commenter, InsidiouslyFanatic, shared their own experience of something similar and wrote:

"Happened with me too when I was small, a guy was sitting next to me and he was playing games, and I was looking at him curiously, and then he taught me how to play that game and we were playing together till my parents called me to eat dinner on their coup in the train...I was 6 I am much older its been very long since then...but I still remember him 😊."

This goes to show that small gestures like this speak in a big way to the people who experience them. Other stories of similar experiences were also shared in the comments section. 

When this boy grows up, he can hopefully remember this moment as an act of selfless kindness that he experienced from a total stranger and do his best to make the world a better place for others he meets. The man can hopefully remember how much happiness he brought this boy with this simple gesture. We know that at least one passenger saw what was going on, and his mother likely did too. Based on a lot of the comments on the Youtube video, the man has inspired others to follow suit and be kinder to the people around them. As one commenter, Joanna E&S, said, "People : We Need More Like him. Me : WE NEED TO BE LIKE HIM!" We couldn't agree more!  

What do you think of this story? Do you have a story of unexpected kindness that positively impacted your life? We encourage you to show this to anyone you know who loves witnessing acts of kindness between strangers.

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