Man Runs City Marathon After Losing Nearly 500 Pounds

Oct 30, 2019 by apost team

Losing weight can seem like an overwhelming battle for those of us with an extra thirty- or forty-pounds that we need to shed. But, before you feel too discouraged by your weight-loss battle, it’s time for you to hear about Carlos Orosco. This Michigan man dropped 475 pounds over the course of five years and has now taken to running marathons!

Carlos was 38-years-old when he realized that his weight was killing him. He was battling ulcers of the legs, high blood pressure, gout, sleep apnea, and cellulitis, all of which were connected to his massive weight of 650 pounds according to People.

Carlos got his wake-up call after an appointment with a bariatric surgeon. For the first time, he realized that his weight was likely to take his life, and the reality of it overwhelmed him. He shared that he left the appointment, sat down on the bumper of his vehicle, and cried as he considered where his choices had taken him.

While many people would be discouraged and give up if they were faced with such a tremendous weight-loss task, Carlos stepped up and took the challenge head-on.

Sadly, Carlos was so overweight that he had to lose weight before he could even have surgery. To get rid of the hundred-pounds that were necessary to lose before he could undergo the procedure, Carlos quit fast food along with all fried foods, soft drinks, alcohol, and bread. In addition to his diet changes, he also started walking on a regular basis. Within six months, he had managed to lose one-hundred pounds.

Carlos had his weight-loss surgery in December 2016, and he chose to just keep going with his exercise regime. His daily walks led him to decide that it was time to become part of a race.

Carlos then entered a 5K race and completed it within an hour and a half. The experience was exhilarating and Carlos reports that he quickly fell in love with the entire experience. By now, Carlos has been involved in 32 races and completed a full marathon in October.

Although Carlos is the first to admit that losing the weight wasn’t easy, he encourages everyone who is battling with obesity to get their lives under control and do what is necessary to become healthier.

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