Man Shares Water With Dehydrated Koala And Receives Thanks In Return

Hot weather affects everyone. If you ever walked down a road in the summer heat, you know you can become parched rather quickly. Many carry a water bottle with them to at least partially counter the scorching sun. Yes, people can plan ahead for unexpected hot weather. Animals, however, cannot. A poor koala bear found himself stranded on a South Australian road on the hottest day on record. Thankfully, a kind man came along and gave the thirsty little creature some assistance.

Michelle Wall shared the story of her husband's sad discovery upon returning home. A beautiful little koala bear sat near their home's gate. The little koala appeared lethargic and unable to move. He was clearly thirsty. So, Michelle's husband put out a bowl of water for the koala. As Michelle captured the scene on video, Mr. Wall gave the friendly beast a drink from his water bottle.

Although a wild animal, the koala bear wasn't frightened of Mr. Wall. Amazingly, the koala reached out and held Wall's hand while drinking from the bottle. The koala held on while drinking, and appears to show appreciation for his human friend's kindness.

Once the koala became rehydrated, he was off and on his way. The animal won't likely forget the kindness of his human friends. The Walls won't forget the koala, either. Maybe, in time, all three will meet again.

The video image of the koala bear holding Mr. Wall's hand is touching. You can't help but feel good when seeing it. Why brings smiles to the faces of your friends and followers by showing them the video?