Man Quits His Job In Order To Travel The Country And Save Shelter Dogs

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

Many people dream of quitting their day jobs and taking some time to travel the world. Rather than waiting for retirement to fulfill his dreams, Lee Asher quit his job in 2017 and embarked on an epic journey to rescue as many shelter dogs around the country as he could. With only his human best-friend and six dogs to keep him company, Lee set off on his heart-warming adventure.

Lee Asher has always had a love for animals, especially those of the canine variety. So deciding to buy an RV and travel the country with his best friend and his beloved pack of dogs was a no brainer. Once everything was sold and Lee had enough money to purchase the RV, he and his shelter squad hit the road.

Asher and his friend's goal is to visit 48 states and liberate as many shelter dogs as possible, according to an interview with WWLTV in 2018. This is truly a remarkable feat as thousands of animals are left to wilt away in shelters all over the country.

As of 2018, Lee Asher and friends had been to 28 states and found forever homes for around 80 dogs, according to The Washington Post. They don't hesitate to scoop up any dog from shelters, regardless of their age, size, or breed. Asher also Vlogs the experience on his YouTube channel so that the public can get a better understanding of what they encounter at a shelter.

Many dogs may seem aggressive to the public because all they want to do is bark at you as you stroll through the kennel areas, but they only want to grab your attention so they may win your heart.

Asher has not only made a promise to give shelter dogs all over the country a new lease on life, but he cares deeply for the dogs that make up his family. One such promise was to his beloved dog Lillie, who he swore would see snow for the first time on their travels.

To his surprise and delight, their RV was caught in a snowstorm, and Lillie was able to cash in on the promise he made to her so long ago. With a face full of snow and the energy of a puppy, Lillie tears through the snow with sheer delight on her furry face.

It's moments like these that make the work of Lee Asher and friends so admirable. Although some may only think of animals as pets to feed, water, and play with every now and then, they are indeed members of the family and deserve as much happiness and affection as any other relative.

If you're lucky enough, you just might see Lee and his RV roll through your state to locate and liberate shelter dogs who need a forever home with a loving family. It's easy to spot Lee's RV as he's had it custom painted with "The Asher House" and a stunning logo comprised of multiple dog breed silhouettes.

You can learn more about Lee's story and the animals that ride along with him in The Asher House by watching this brief video of their travels. Follow the link to find their YouTube page to keep track of their adventures around the country and to hear shelter dog stories from around the country.

Lee Asher's goal is to travel to as many shelters as he can until all shelter dogs have a forever home to live out their days. Without people like Asher, our shelters would overflow with animals who desperately deserve a loving home to call their own.

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