Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Comet Which Appears Only Once In Over Six Thousand Years

Jul 29, 2020 by apost team

On July 18th of this year, a Utica, New York man used comet NEOWISE as a backdrop for a marriage proposal to his girlfriend and it quickly went viral on social media.

We love thoughtful men, those who take time to plan a good surprise date, a surprise holiday, or a proposal that will blow your mind. That is every girl's dream. One lucky girl seems to have found this and more. In fact, most people are finding it hard to believe how her man popped the big question.

While some people are able to exploit rare occurrences, taking advantage of something that happens after every 6,800 years is clearly on a different level. Who even records that? Well, there is a comet that appears once every 6,800 years, and one man proposed to his girl under this comet.

John Nicotera, 33, had dated his girlfriend for two years, WKTV reports. He was now sure that she was the one he wanted to marry. But he could not pop the question under any ordinary circumstances. It had to be memorable for both of them. It had to coincide with some historical event to preserve the memory of this significant occasion.

He thought hard about it and planned it well. He knew that he and Erica Pendrak, 26, shared many interests, including their great fascination with space, according to Daily Mail. And because of this unmatched love for space, they had planned to drive to Nicotera's family camp to watch NEOWISE, the extraordinary comet that graced the blue skies for almost a week.

Pendrak looked forward to the thrill of catching a sight of the comet but didn't know that more awaited her at the camp. She was in for a huge surprise. You should have seen the look on her eyes when it happened. It melted her heart completely. She could barely utter a word as joyful tears run down her cheeks. She saw a side of her boyfriend that she had not imagined existed.

How could he be so thoughtful? And how had he managed to keep his plans so secretive? She tried to jog her mind for any signs that she may have overlooked but found none. It dawned on her how lucky she was to have Nicotera as her boyfriend. She felt even more fortunate that he chose to propose to her under such an exceptional occurrence.

If you missed the chance to watch the comet, watch Nicotera as he gets on his knee to propose to his girlfriend as they watch the comet descend. Tim, Nicotera's friend, accompanied them so that he could take the couple's photos during the event.

Tim made it a reality by capturing and freezing that moment for this couple. In an interview with CNN recently, Nicotera revealed that his initial plans were to propose at Crater Lake, but he had to shelve the plans due to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He wanted it to be excellent, but nature had better plans for them. Thanks to the Great Comet of 2020, he was able to achieve more than he had hoped for.

Do you have a friend who did something so surprisingly thoughtful? What do you like the most about this couple? What are your feelings about how Nicotera proposed to his girlfriend? Tell us about it in the comments.