Man Orders 100 Tacos On First Date & Woman Has To Pay For Them

Oct 12, 2021 by apost team

What’s your favorite food? Do you think you could eat 100 servings of it? A man who asked a woman on a date did. While first dates can be awkward or stressful enough, one woman by the name of Elyse Myers had one of the most unusual and horrific first dates of her life to the point that she still won’t go back to the restaurant where it partially took place.

Although she’s happily married now, Myers has still had her fair share of bad dates. In a TikTok video from Oct. 7, 2021, Myers shared a date she went on that sounded like it came straight out of a horror film. It started innocently enough with a man she met on a dating app asking her if she wanted to go out for dinner with him. 

She drove to his house so they could then drive to the restaurant together, at least that’s what they had planned. It turned out that the man had lost his car keys, so Myers decided to drive, listening to her date’s turn-by-turn directions.

Red flags were already waving, but Myers decided to see the date through, and the pair eventually arrived at a Taco Bell. Not the most romantic location, but she didn’t mind until her date leaned over her to place his order at the drive-thru window. He ordered 100 tacos.

The date didn’t seem to be getting any better, as the man had conveniently also forgotten his wallet, resulting in Myers having to pay for the 100 hard-shell tacos. Read on to find out more about this horrific first date.

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In her TikTok videoMyers shared her worst first date experience. After driving 45 minutes to her date’s house, she drove the two of them to a nearby Taco Bell, where her date showed just how much he really loved tacos by ordering 100 of them. However, he didn’t have his wallet on him, so Myers was forced to pay the $149 bill on her own, according to Indy100.

There were red flags everywhere, but Myers drove them both back to her date’s house and found out that he still lived with his father. Her date walked into the kitchen, dumped the tacos on a table, sat down, and yelled, “Let’s feast!” Myers said eating the tacos together in silence was “absolute chaos.” Her date’s father came over and grabbed a taco for himself, eating it as he stood over Myers and her date. Myers said, “He just looks at me and he goes, ‘Do you want to see my studio?’” 

At this point, she was convinced she was in a real-life horror movie and feared for her life. She knew she needed to get out fast. “I walk out with boxes of tacos in my purse, I look back and was like, ‘Thank you for this experience. You will never hear from me again,’” Myers said.

In the TikTok’s description, Myers explained that she had still not gone back to Taco Bell. Since uploading the video, Myers had released two more videos about the horrific taco man, with all three videos totaling to about 18 million views. It’s clear many people were shocked at just how bad this first date was, and we have to agree that this was definitely one of the most unusual first dates in history.

What do you think about this woman’s terrifying first date? What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family and friends, too!

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