Man On Canadian Beach Plays With Friendly Sea Otter Who Tugs On His Leg

Jan 12, 2020 by apost team

A beach-goer in Canada recently had a unique interaction with wildlife that was all caught on camera. Wild sea otters are not known for approaching or playing with humans, but on this particular day, a wild sea otter approached a man that was walking in the surf and spent a few minutes interacting with him.

Wild otters are found in most northern oceans around the world, living comfortably in cold waters because of their skin and fur. Otters spend the majority of their time in the water, and are capable of living in the water full time, but do also enjoy coming to shore in order to rest and relax, as detailed here at It is when otters are on dry land that most humans get to see them and watch the way they interact and play with each other.

Even though otters spend plenty of time on land, most do not like interacting with humans and tend to move back into the sea when they are approached. In the past, people have reported experiencing aggressive behavior from otters when they approach their colonies so it is important to always have a sense of caution when around these wild animals.

Still, this particular sea otter was more than curious about the man he came across at the beach, which is placed at Cadboro Bay beach in Victoria, B.C. in the video description. Perhaps it was because the man was already in the water, swimming in the wild sea otters habitat. The wild sea otter approached the man, who was only in the water up to his knees, swam around and through his legs. It appears that the sea otter was investigating his legs and clothing for a few minutes to gauge what it was he came across and perhaps get a sense of whether or not the man was a safety concern.

A few moments passed before the sea otter reached out to touch the mans legs, and then he did something even more surprising. The wild sea otter grabbed and playfully pulled on the man's leg. Thankfully, both participants were respectful of each other and no harm came to either of them in the friendly greeting. The man on the beach was even able to reach down and lightly pet the sea otter on the head before the animal returned to the ocean to continue on with his day of fishing for food.

Encounters with wildlife can be special and inspiring. Let this video brighten up the day of your animal-loving friends.