Man Is Sharing His Extra Toilet Paper And Hand Sanitizer With Delivery Drivers

The recent epidemic that has emerged has made it nearly impossible in some cases to obtain essential items. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are two of the highest priority items for most people, leading to stores everywhere selling out of their entire stock.

Delivery drivers are being put in a tough situation, especially when you consider the fact that they have to continue to work without being able to sanitize their hands. Youtuber Evan Era decided that he would offer a helping hand to those drivers that were dropping off packages to his house.

He put up a sign alerting drivers that they could grab some of his extra toilet paper and hand sanitizer, which he put out as a donation to delivery drivers who have been continuing to work during this difficult time. Evan set up a video camera to capture the reaction of delivery drivers who came across the items he put out to take.

One man pauses for a minute as he looks at the sign and contemplates whether or not the sign is directed at him. He knocks on the door to talk to the owner, who tells him that he can absolutely grab some hand sanitizer and toilet paper to take with him. The delivery driver thanks Evan in the video and tells him that he had made a trip to Walmart, but was unable to get some toilet paper.

The two have a positive exchange and thank each other before the delivery driver walks away, toilet paper and hand sanitizer in hand. One of the biggest problems that we have been seeing as a society is people buying things off the shelves in a state of panic.

It is completely understandable why this is taking place, as people are simply afraid that they are going to be unable to purchase regular items in the near future. The unintended consequence of this is many people being unable to pick up items. Furthermore, there are tons of people that are attempting to stockpile as many essential items as possible. What is taking place in this video is an absolute breath of fresh air.

Evan made the decision to donate the extra items that he already has enough of, which actually wound up making a great video that everyone can now watch and enjoy. This video is a good indication to us all that we need to be more kind to each other, especially in such a time of crisis. We need to show more love and compassion to one another, rather than only thinking of ourselves when we run into a difficult situation as a society.

This video is a breath of fresh air, showing kindness and giving during a time where people seem to be in a complete state of panic. With all the troubling things that are going on in the news, it is nice to get a break and see something that is elevating humanity with kindness. If you have extra essential items, you may want to think about offering your extra stuff up to some people who really need it during this time.

Lots of us are staying at home and practicing social distancing, although this isn't the story for so many people. Tons of people conduct work that is essential for society at large to remain operational, so we should do what we can to help these people.

Delivery drivers have no choice but to continue working, risking their health for us each and every day. If you have some extra essential items that you can part with, you might want to consider helping a friendly delivery driver as well.