Man Helps Woman Walking In Rain - Finds Out Of Her Real Identity 3 Years Later

Dec 29, 2018 by apost team

On a rainy day in 2014, the Wright family was on their way back from their weekly worship service in Georgia. During the ride home, Chris Wright spotted a woman walking along the roadside in the pouring rain.

This woman happened to be TunDe Hector, who had been driving down the street when her car ran out of gas.

Without any money to refill her tank, she was stuck walking home by herself trying to withstand the cold, damp conditions.

Although Chris at this point was unaware of the woman's specific situation, he still couldn't bear the thought of not finding some way to assist her. Chris spoke to his wife, Carmen, letting her know that he had to go back and at least attempt to help this woman in some way.

According to Carmen, reaching out to strangers was not a behaviour that Chris typically engaged in, but due to his compassionate upbringing, she wasn't surprised that he was inclined to do so. Chris was unsure if he would actually cross paths with the woman once again, but he had to at least try.

To his relief, Chris spotted TunDe close to where he had seen her during his last trip, and he was able to stop and offer a helping hand. Chris offered TunDe a ride home, filled her tank with gas, and even gave her all of the money that he had available in his wallet. After the encounter, he didn't think much of the event until three years later when fate reunited them under unique circumstances.

In 2017, Chris's mom, Judy, was unfortunately diagnosed with an aggressive form of Parkinson's Disease. The Wright's had to hire home health aids to assist in Judy's care which was quite intensive at the time.

Unbeknownst to them, TunDe was one of the nurses that Chris had hired to care for his ailing mother. Since Chris had never inquired about the woman's name that he had helped three years prior, he had no idea that this nursing aid was the same woman from 2014.

In addition to TunDe being the person that Chris had encountered that rainy day, Judy and her husband, Phil, continuously told Chris how TunDe stood out due to her attentive and genuine nature. It wasn't until TunDe recalled an encounter that she had with a compassionate stranger in 2014 that Chris realized she was the same person he had helped that rainy afternoon.

Chris and TunDe stayed in close contact following their realization, stating that their circumstances were a result of faith and not coincidence. Unfortunately, soon after they were reunited through fate, Judy passed on due to her chronic illness.

The story of compassion and selflessness doesn't stop here. The Wright family asked guests at Judy's reception to donate funds to TunDe's outstanding student loans instead of traditional flower arrangements.

The Wright's funding initiatives ended up raising over $34,000 towards TunDe's tuition. The selflessness in this story illustrates how helping others can have such as significant impact, even years after the initial event. Tell your friends about this story of generosity to motivate them to keep an eye out for those in need.