Man Hears Sound Coming From Well — And Discovers Someone Who Needs His Help

Wells have been used by humans to draw water out of the ground for at least 7,000 years. Moderate-sized to large human settlements typically feature wells that are tens of feet deep.

They're dug so far down into the ground to increase the amount of water those groups can pull from the earth. Unfortunately, people sometimes fall into wells - so do animals.

Just last week, a young man in Tumkur, India was taking a leisurely hike throughout the local forest to relax after a long day's work.

Out of nowhere, a strange, unique, distressed sound began to flow into the hiker's ears. The man - who chose to stay anonymous - searched all around. After nearly an hour of intensive searching throughout the wooded area, the man came to a well. The sound grew louder. He peered into the well and saw a sloth bear!

He did what every responsible person should have done - called for help. He immediately pulled out his mobile phone and phoned Wildlife SOS, a nonprofit organization, that rescues misplaced animals and returns them to their natural environments.

As Wildlife SOS members began rappelling into the 40-foot well, the bear became aggressive. The team covered the sloth bear with a heavy tarp. Soon after, the bear calmed down and allowed Wildlife SOS personnel to lift him out of the deep well.

Believe it or not, occurrences of animals falling into wells and finding themselves trapped his increased significantly over the past few years. The most effective means of keeping animals out of wells is to snugly cover them after they've been decommissioned.

Sloth bears are usually found in zoos and research institutions. However, animals all over the world need help from humans from time to time. Have you ever helped relocate a stuck or misplaced animal? Tell us your story - and make sure to pass this along to your friends and family!