Man Hears Leashed Animals Are Allowed In This Store, So He Brings In His 2,000 Pound Pet

Sometimes you have to see things to believe. One of the great things about the cultural differences within the United States of America is that you can witness sights you would never see anywhere else. In this case, some situations could only occur in states like New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Remember the classic musical, Oklahoma!? "Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin'." How could we forget good ol' Oklahoma? Some events that occur in this state are so unforgettable that they leave us wondering if we really witnessed what occurred.

It's the state where you find cowboys roaming fearlessly on their noble steeds on the vast open fields. However, in the 21st Century, wide open spaces aren't so easy to come by anymore. Apparently, though, this reality isn't stopping some individuals from "giddying up" as was made certain when one such man decided to walk into an Elk City tractor supply store.

One such rider is still on his saddle and it decidedly turned a lot of heads during the process.

According to Robin Morris's Facebook post, a cowboy that was elderly, complete with chaps and hat, entered the store and requested permission for his pet to join him inside.

However, this was no ordinary pet you'd expect to see when house-training. No, no small furry friends here this time. Instead, the cowboy wanted to bring a fully-grown horse into the store. One may have expected the management of the store to say sorry while laughing. However, this didn't happen. Their response was quite unexpected.

Robin's post reads, "Only in Oklahoma!" It goes on to say that the cowboy enters the tractor supply store and explains that he's a senior in need or feed for his senior horse. He wanted to know if the horse could come inside. 

Of course, the store clerk had to go ask their boss for permission. The clerk's response is humorous but in keeping with the store's policy.

The gentlemen could bring in his horse as long as it was on a leash! In this case, the bridle worked as the horse’s leash.

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