Man Gives Random Girl A Sunflower And What Happened Next Left us Speechless

Aug 14, 2017 by apost team

Danny Wakefield gave away a sunflower and changed a girls day, but more importantly, this small act of kindness changed his life forever.

Danny had bought a sunflower for a girl that he liked but before he left it on her car he decided he didn't want to com eon too strong so he kept he sunflower intent on giving it to a stranger instead. While sitting having his morning coffee, he noticed a girl quietly crying. he knew that this was the person destined to recieve the sunflower. 

“It was like there was a magnet in the sunflower that was being drawn to her, because I knew in that moment she was who I was going to give the sunflower to; she was who I had to give it to,”

He walked up to the table and and explained the situation saying that he felt she was special too and needed the sunflower. Next thing he knew, the girl had thrown herself into his arms. She explained that she had been crying because her fiance who she was mean to marry in a few short months, had passed away last week. He always used to buy her sunflowers because she was the light of his life. So Danny came by at exactly the right moment and it was almost like her fiance was reaching out to her from beyond the grave, remnding her she would always be the light of his life. 

Danny said he was "shaken, awaken and feeling raw" after this amazing experience. You never know the power of a simple gesture. Danny shared this experience on Facebook and ended off the post by issuing a challenge - the #sunflowerchallenge - to everyone to go out and give a stranger a sunflower. We love this idea and are always behind brightening someone's day! 

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