Man Gets DNA Test After Seeing His Newborn Baby & Kicking His Wife Out Of The House

Sep 14, 2023 by apost team

In relationships where trust is broken, it might be difficult for such relationships to work again. A woman opened up on Reddit in 2020 about how her husband shattered her trust. Although he realized the error of his ways and apologized, their relationship took a hit and was never the same again. The woman with the username SweetBabyZ2020 shared that she welcomed her daughter six months before her post on Reddit, but her joy was cut short after the delivery. 

The original poster (OP) gave birth to a dark-skinned baby that could pass as the child of two parents with similar complexions, although she and her husband were white. OP’s husband, Jim, accused her of cheating. OP kept professing her innocence and didn’t provide him with the details he sought, he left her and their baby in the hospital in anger. Jim also told his family he was sure OP cheated and asked for a divorce after making posts on social media about the situation. Jim’s family followed suit and said racist stuff about OP’s daughter and also said nasty things to OP when they called. 

Additionally, Jim locked OP and their daughter out of the house, destroyed her studio, and threw her and the baby’s stuff out. OP had to stay with her parents, who picked her up from the hospital and supported her.  

“He even destroyed my Art studio, I like to paint, and the art I made and told me my work would be too awful to sell,” OP shared. “I was distraught and tried to focus on my baby.”  

Eventually, OP convinced Jim to do a paternity test after weeks of silence from him, and it turned out he was the father. He did it again to clear all doubts and received the same result.

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"No one could believe the results," OP said. An ancestry test shed more light when the result showed about 30% African ancestry in Jim’s family and at least 45% for one of OP’s parents who was adopted. Jim’s great-grandma confessed to infidelity but assumed her baby was her husband's based on the skin color.

Jim apologized to OP, but she wasn’t sure she could forgive him. He had called their baby a “Welfare Princess” and his wife a “baby mama,” in addition to other racist remarks.

“Things that I thought he’d never say and he did it so easily,” OP wrote

OP was also wary of how he and his family would treat her daughter whenever she upset them.

Jim asked her to move back in and even offered to leave, but OP declined because of her parents' help. Nevertheless, OP sometimes took her baby to him so he could see her.

They attended couple’s therapy on her sister’s recommendation, where OP discovered that Jim’s accusations were just a projection as he had cheated on her with an ex before their wedding. He also wasn’t ready to be a dad and faked his happiness, so he was glad to escape after seeing their baby.

“Now that he knows that our child is his and has spent time with her Jim regrets everything and just wants his family back and is willing to spend the rest of his life making it up to us,” OP disclosed.

However, she couldn’t trust him after finding out the lies. She also shared that her in-laws asked to see their granddaughter during the holidays, but she couldn’t trust them. They said she was “selfish” and should have forgiven them since they apologized already. Meanwhile, OP decided to get a divorce after her daughter’s first birthday.

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Redditors opined that OP should get a divorce and leave. 

“NTA. I mean maybe you could question your paternity but the solution is to get answers about both your backgrounds NOT treat you like this. This guy doesnt deserve to be part of either of your lives in any substantial way as he has shown his true colours. I’m truly sorry this happened to you,” a Redditor commented.

“NTA. He was understandably upset (because he genuinely believed that you had cheated) but it does not excuse his actions. You don’t have to give him a second chance. I hope one day he can be a good friend to you and a good father to your daughter, but he has given up his chance to be a good husband,” someone wrote.

Another Redditor counseled, “NTA. Instead if being your partner and believing in you and trusting you, he flew entirely off the handle. He destroyed the nursery that was supposed to be for your child. He degraded your art and destroyed your supplies. He lambasted you to social media and family and friends. He demanded a divorce without any proof. He made racist remarks. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 There are the flags he dropped you. Give him the divorce he asked for and take your girl and run."

“NTA. You can easily get sole custody, and the things he did were inexcusable. He deserves to suffer the consequences of that. Also, the way he lost it so badly was definitely suspicious,” someone opined.

Another Redditor advised, “NTA. Trust should be 100% before even entertaining the thought of bringing a child into the world. You know what I always find is, when a man is so quick to accuse his girl of cheating... is usually because he is cheating himself. Don’t let him back in.”

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What do you think is the best course of action for OP? Do you agree with Redditors? Let us know — and be sure to pass this on to friends and family for their opinions, too. 

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