Man Flies Drone Over Ocean And Captures Incredibly Rare Event On Camera

Aug 16, 2019 by apost team

Drones have become increasingly popular within the past few years. In the past, only professionals or avid collectors owned these man-made devices. They were designed and used for specific purposes. As technology has improved, drones have become more available and accessible.

This has sparked a rapid increase in popularity. It seems that every profession has found a use for these devices. From photographers and cinematographers to real estate agents and roof inspectors, drones provide a significant function for many fields.

The remote control is one of the most important aspects of a drone. These devices can go places that humans simply cannot. They help to reduce the possibility of injuries or even death. As the ocean is a largely unexplored frontier, many people have started to use drones as a surrogate for human exploration. Humans have explored more of space than of our own oceans.

This gap in research and understanding represents a lot of mysteries and potential revelations that rest beneath the surface of the ocean. Drones allow people to scan the surface of the wide ocean without having to spend a bunch of money on a helicopter or risk the possibility of death.

Captain Dave Anderson understands the utility that drones offer. He was enjoying a beautiful day on his boat near the coast of San Clemente when he decided to send his drone on an expedition, who operates Capt. Dave’s Dolphin Safari and Whale Watch, and post the photos on Facebook.

Although he expected to catch some great footage, Captain Anderson would never have guessed what would actually be captured. At first, the footage seemed to capture the typical crashing of waves near Dana Point in California.

Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. Underneath the frothy surface, there were thousands of dolphins migrating in what is known as a mega-pod. Everyone has seen the surreal beauty of animals migrating on land. Seeing this same behavior in the ocean is truly something to behold.

The excitement and wonder don't end there, however. This wasn't the only amazing footage that this inexpensive drone was able to capture. With four spinning blades and a GoPro camera, this drone was able to snag some excellent footage on the coast of Maui in Hawaii.

The drone captured video of a large mother humpback whale playing with her calf. The "escort" whale is seen following closely behind the family. This video shows animals in their natural habitat exhibiting some rare behavior. This footage should be shared with anyone who has an interest in wildlife or marine life.

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