Man Films Two Sea Lions "Stealing" Boat And Taking It For A Joyride

Sea lions and their close cousins seals are sometimes called the “dogs of the sea,” because they are social and playful. They live and travel in groups, and they enjoy cuddling. Despite being cute, when two of these massive sea lions decided to get on a sailboat in Olympia, Washington, on December 19 2019, they nearly sunk it.

Unfortunately for the owner of a sailboat in Olympia, Washington, sea lions weigh a lot more than terrestrial canines. While some mastiffs can weigh over 300 pounds, a male California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) can weigh twice that. The largest sea lion, the Steller’s sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) can weigh over a ton and grow to be ten feet long. However cute they are, you probably don’t want a sea lion on your boat.

On December 19, Joshua Phillips spotted two big sea lions relaxing on a small sailboat in Eld Inlet. He filmed a video, reports the Seattle Times, and posted it on Spawn Fly Fish, his company’s Instagram page. The company has reported that the video has already been watched a million times.

Phillips later told the local newspaper, The Olympian, that the sailboat had looked a “little off” when he first saw it. Then he noticed the two “massive” sea lions lounging on it. Both were near the bow, which was perilously close to the water. While filming, Phillips or a companion commented, “I don’t think this boat owner likes sea lions anymore.”

Another person filmed the chunky duo and posted a longer video on Youtube that showed a third sea lion trying to join them, reports the Springfield Sun-News. As that would have almost certainly sunk the boat, the other two turned him away. The second videographer, Sam L., apparently knew the boat’s owner. When he posted his video, he wrote in his caption, “Landon, if you’re watching this video, I’m sorry about your boat, mate!”

Even if you are an animal lover, how would you react if two big sea lions boarded your boat? Please tell everyone about your comments in the box below and be sure to send links about this story to people you think would enjoy it.