Man Films Fin Pop Out Of The Ocean - But The Next Moment Is Truly Once-In-A-Lifetime

There is nothing more mysterious or profound than the ocean.

Although a majority of the earth is covered in salt water, scientists still have a lot to learn about this amazing environment. The sheer depth of these massive bodies of water makes it very difficult and expensive to study oceans.

This lack of knowledge has driven many people to develop an interest in the ocean.

There are many ways in which people can partake in the beauty of these oceans. Many people around the world interact with the sea through their job of fishing.

Millions of travelers visit tropical destinations each year to go swimming in crystal-clear waters. There are many companies that offer whale watching tours, and there are even some people who swim with these creatures of the deep.

One man was lucky enough to experience a moment with these massive animals up close.

Craig Capehart was carrying on with his daily tasks when a 40-ton blue whale breached the surface of the ocean. Fortunately, Craig was able to catch the entire leap on video. After posting the video on his Youtube channel, Craig described the once-in-a-lifetime experience online.

In his description, Craig explained that the whale in the video was a mother cow who was swimming next to her calf. The 40-ton humpback whale can be seen swimming on her back and slapping both fins on the ocean's surface. The mother then jumps completely out of the water.

There are very few recordings of whales that produced enough power to breach their entire body into the air. This was an incredibly rare moment, and millions of viewers are thankful that Craig had his camera ready to capture the footage.

Craig was spending his afternoon near the coastal town of Pondoland. He was fishing for sardines when he saw some humpback whales swimming near the surface. Although there are numerous shots of dolphins and sharks leaping out of the water, there aren't many recordings that involve whales.

Craig's video continues to garner thousands of views each day. News outlets from around the world have featured his footage online and on television. Show this video to any friends or family members who love whales.