Man Films Deer's Antics As He Attempts To Attract Dog's Attention

Most deer are afraid of people and dogs, but the one that appears in the video below shows you this isn’t always the case.

A man and his dog were out one day, taking their usual stroll in the forest. Then, along came a deer which the man named Daisy. This wasn’t the first time Daisy made an appearance. She always arrived when she saw the dog, Yukon, a Golden Retriever, and his owner.

It wasn’t unusual for the young deer and the dog to race around with each other according to RONProject, but on one particular day, Yukon didn’t want to play with Daisy. He preferred to hunt for rocks in the river instead.

In the video, you can see Daisy doing her best to get the dog’s attention. She approaches the dog slowly, then hops to one side. Then, she hops to the other side.

The adorable fawn hops from side to side several times before hopping around in a circle. She prances around playfully, but Yukon just continues to look for rocks.

The video ends with Yukon carrying a large rock to the side of the river, leaving Daisy with a look of defeat on her face. You almost feel sorry for the young deer because she tried so hard to get Yukon to play with her, but didn’t succeed.

Don’t give up the chance to watch this internet sensation. This video has been viewed millions of times. And don’t deny others the chance to see it by not telling them about it. Daisy’s dance is just too cute to miss, and Yukon’s indifference will make you chuckle.