Owner Films Adorable Blind Dog's Wake Up Practice And Gains Internet Fame

Nov 02, 2020 by apost team

What's your favorite activity when you first wake up in the morning? Is it looking out of the window as the sun rises in the sky? Do you enjoy the chirping of the early morning birds? We can all agree that the morning time is one of the most distinct times of the day.

What if you didn't have the senses to enjoy all of these beautiful experiences? This Australian shepherd named Plum is blind and deaf. Plum lives her life like this every day. Most people could not imagine what this dog goes through. Fortunately, Plum's owner is Aiden Mann who hails from Tennesse. As this popular video from April 2020 shows, Aiden does what he can to provide a unique living experience that helps the dog to feel comfortable.

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Every morning, the dog has a friendly wake-up routine that simply consists of his owner blowing his morning breath onto her face. This is a peaceful approach that allows the dog to notice what time it is without being startled. We can see that in this video, the dog still manages to experience fear for one millisecond. We can also observe the fact that this is a harmless and peaceful way to start a day.

As Mann explains in an interview with Good Morning America, Plum was born deaf and blind due to the way she was bred. Plum's parents were both Merle's, which means that they were both Australian shepherd's with a unique multicolor fur pattern. Unfortunately, however, when two Merles mate, there's around a 25 percent chance that the offspring will be born deaf, blind, or both, according to Mann. And as we know, Plum ended up being both deaf and blind, which you can imagine is quite difficult for an animal.


This Dog’s Daily Life of Being Deaf and Blind

Despite Plum's disabilities, Mann told GMA that he was immediately drawn to her.

"She is just so outgoing, and loving, and energetic, and just — 'I want all the attention, and I just wanna live life," Mann said. "And you can tell she just has this high spirit in her — like, just no fear."

Thanks to Mann's thoughtful care, this dog lives a great life. But Mann also had some help from Lola, his other dog.

"Lola has actually become kinda like Plum's seeing-eye dog," Mann explained. And photos of the two dogs together just goes to show how close their bond truly is. In almost all the photos featured in the interview, Plum and Lola are cuddling together.

The Ability to Change Your Approach

While lots of people may dismiss animals that have disabilities, Plum and Mann's relationship just goes to show how disabilities don't have to hold pets back. Thanks to Mann's thoughtfulness and his willingness to build trust with Plum, the blind and deaf Australian shepherd lives a fairly normal life. And there's no doubt that she's a happy dog — if the videos and photos of her are any indications.

It goes without saying, animals and people who have disabilities still have hearts. So when you see a disabled individual who does not fit in with the crowd, please don't tease or hurt them. Use that opportunity to learn about a different world that everyone else might not have insight into. You might be surprised about what you learn from this different individual.

Love Has Various Ways of Revealing Itself

We see this dog's morning routine as a way to showcase someone's attempt to show love. It's lovely and interesting to see just how unique this beautiful emotion can be portrayed with different relationships. Mann does this because he clearly cares for Plum and doesn't want to startle her.

Show Understanding Toward the Innocent and Misunderstood

Take some time today to try to understand someone or something that is misunderstood. Please, don't get misunderstood people confused with individuals who clearly need psychological help. Individuals or animals who are misunderstood might show signs of being shy, reserved, and introverted.

This does not mean that they do not want to feel loved. It is everyone's job to embrace the feeling of love and happiness throughout life. This is a key component to making true progress toward a more just world. And the next time you meet a person or animal with a disability, remember Mann, Plum, and Lola's lesson: that being thoughtful and loving can go a long way.

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