Man Donates $4 Million Apartment Complex To Homeless Charity So Woman And Children Can Live There For Free

Mar 03, 2020 by apost team

In an inspiring story, former Travel Channel host, Rick Steves purchased a 24-unit, multimillion-dollar apartment complex called Trinity Place so homeless women and children could have a safe place to live for free.

Situated in Washington, Steves ran the establishment from 2005-2016 but in 2017 gave it away completely to the YWCA.

While Rick's job has undoubtedly made him worldly, it has also shown him the difficulties many people go through on a daily basis. On many of his adventures, Rick was only equipped with a backpack and train ticket, teaching him full well how difficult it can sometimes be to find a safe place to sleep at night.

Rick’s experiences inspired him to help the homeless in his hometown of Edmonds, Washington by giving the town’s most vulnerable people a place to sleep for free, as he details here on his website

Back in 2005, Rick intended for Trinity Palace to be his retirement nest egg but now has given the property away entirely to be used by the YWCA, as reported here by Kiro 7 news. 

Rick says that it brings him unimaginable joy to know that he is helping women and their families get their lives back on track by giving them a safe place to live. Although Rick originally started the venture alone, he has been helped by the local Rotary Club and YWCA. These organizations have made a big difference in Rick’s venture, particularly for women who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. 

What do you think of how Rick allows homeless women and children to live at Trinity Place for free? How do you think we should combat homelessness? Pass this story on to anyone who may need to be bolstered with some good news today.