Man Criticized For Wearing A Wedding Dress At Ceremony Despite Not Knowing He Was Attending Nuptials

Mar 21, 2023 by apost team

For some folks, weddings should be grand and extravagant, while others do it traditionally – however, some couples try to mix things up and celebrate their oneness in some of the most peculiar ways. 19-year-old danwantsdeath shared his story at the AITA thread on Reddit when he was invited to attend a costume party by one of his friends. 

It all began when he was invited by his newly-engaged friend to a costume party at her own house. The original poster (OP) was even told that there were no restrictions when it came to choosing their own costumes. He did not want to wear a full-blown anime outfit despite him being a cosplayer. Instead, OP chose a rather unconventional route and went to the costume party as Emily from “The Corpse Bride,” – which got him a few compliments and praises from other guests. 

Little did he know that the costume party he attended was revealed to be his friend’s surprise wedding. His friend’s fiancé, surprising everyone in a black tuxedo, announced that it was actually their special day. 

“He asked us all to go to the back yard for the ceremony to begin. I went straight to him. I asked him if I should quickly go home and change my outfit and that I would get back before it started. He told me it was fine since I didn’t know this was the wedding,” he recalled.

After the wedding ceremony, everyone went back inside for the reception, and everything went pretty normal, even before heading home. However, hours after the party, he was shocked to see a flurry of messages from his friend. 

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During the party, OP tried numerous times to talk to the bride, but she avoided him all throughout. Giving the benefit of the doubt, he thought that she might have been tired for the day. 

As he arrived at the wedding, he received messages from his friend, cussing him and telling him that he had ruined her wedding. 

“She told me it was basic knowledge not to wear a wedding dress to a wedding. I reminded her I had no idea it was a wedding and that I asked her now husband if I should change and he said it was fine,” he said.

After telling her that her husband consented to him retaining his costume, the husband texted OP back, blaming him for not changing despite his approval and for what has turned the newlywed’s first huge fight. OP has since been blocked by the husband and has received no response from his friend. 

The majority of the Reddittors sided with OP and told him that no one knew that it was going to be a wedding and not just some random costume party. 

“I will say surprise wedding is stupid AF, but I'd be hella down for a costume party wedding because regular suits are boring,” a Redditor shared.

“You were told it was a costume party for a engagement celebration; choosing a corpse bride costume makes sense. You gave the groom a chance to tell you if you needed to change when you found out it was a surprise wedding,” another said. You did nothing wrong. NTA.”

“This is why little kids shouldn't get married. Nta,” a user quipped

“Yep. NTA and OP even tried to check with the groom. Who now is lying. I fear for that marriage,” someone expressed.

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If you were in OP’s position, would you still attend the wedding wearing the Corpse Bride costume, or would you rather go home and change? Do you agree with the Redditors’ point of view that OP did not do anything wrong? Let us know, and pass this on to your friends, family, and people who you think would know the answer!

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