Man Confronts Conniving Package-Thief After She Steals Giant Box From Neighbor’s Porch

You order a good from a retailer. You wait anxiously for it to arrive safely to your door. You work, you have social obligations, and other ‘to do’ lists that take you away from home and possibly mean you aren’t home when your package is actually delivered, right?

How often do packages arrive safely, but then go on to disappear into the hands of a package pirate? Good Samaritan Mark Duenas witnessed just such an event, and he got the pirate’s face and stolen booty on video.

The TV station CNBC actually did a report on package pirates back in 2017. They found that one in five homeowners had reported being the victim of a package pirate over the year. So, what is a package pirate?

The answer is simple: They are thieves.

 They scope out homes having packages delivered or even randomly come across a package left at a home where it appears no one is awake, alert, or at home. They seize the opportunity to grab your package and sail off with it on the high hope that it contains something valuable.

Meet Mark Duenas: Package Pirate Good Samaritan. In Stockton, California, Mr. Duenas was driving in his neighborhood when he noticed an unknown woman on his neighbor’s porch picking up their Amazon package.

It was during the middle of the day, and the brazen thief was stealing the package right out in the open for anyone to see. Duenas was dumbfounded.

This good neighbor sprung into action, taking out his phone to record the fleeing package pirate. On the video, the white female thief is recorded as she sails her bike down the sidewalk. That’s right, bike. It’s not a getaway car or even ship she’s using.

She’s stealing an Amazon package that completely overlaps the width of her bicycle’s handlebars and is almost as tall as her field of vision in the front.

Duenas screams, “I got you” at the thief multiple times to alert her that this kind of brazen pirating isn’t acceptable or unnoticed in his neighborhood. The thief attempts to say it’s her package. Duenas quickly counters that he saw her steal it. 

The package pirate can be seen panicking as she presumably attempts to tell Duenas to mind his business; the thought doesn’t get completed between Duenas screaming that it’s not her package and the thief herself trying to juggle said massive package and keep control of her speeding bike.

When the thief realizes she’s being recorded, she can be seen jumping off her bike. The Amazon package falls to the ground, which hopefully broke its contents for the thief’s booty, as she’s seen lunging at the open window of Duenas’s vehicle.

Thankfully, Duenas speeds away safely with the evidence video intact, which has since become a YouTube sensation and aired on Inside Edition.

The woman has yet to be caught, but Duenas’s video evidence is generating a media buzz that, if nothing else, will hopefully make other package pirates think twice about assuming no one is looking. Check out the video right here:

What did you think about the video? Have you been the victim of a package pirate? Ever seen a package pirate as brazen as this cyclist? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section, and, if you want to help to raise the awareness about package pirates, then help keep the buzz going by passing this video along to others.