Man Captures These Three Neighbor Kids On Camera As They Sneak Onto His Porch

Aug 03, 2018 by apost team

In this day and age when theft is becoming all too prevalent, many savvy homeowners have installed surveillance cameras on their front porches. After all, you just can't be too careful, and catching a package thief on camera could help give police officers a much-needed lead.

Jamie Carlton was watching the footage captured by his home surveillance camera when he noticed something incredible. Three neighborhood kids came right up onto his front porch, and their intentions were plain to see.

They walked right up to the door and rang the bell without hesitation. The oldest kid actually spoke to the camera and made motions. However, Jamie couldn't make out the words that were being spoken.

Something took place off camera, and then the kids took off as rapidly as they had arrived. They rode their bikes away down the street.

Jamie ran out to his porch to see what had happened during those off-camera moments. He had no idea what to expect.

Nothing was missing or disturbed on his porch. Instead, he was amazed to discover an item that had been left on the porch. It was a wallet! When he opened it, Jamie realized that it belonged to Nigel, his son!

These three Good Samaritans turned out to be 13-year-old Haylie, her six-year-old brother Reagan, and their friend Ashley. They were riding bikes to the pool when they noticed the wallet beneath a parked car.

Once they picked it up they discovered it was filled with a huge wad of cash totaling $700! The trio of honest kids knew it would be wrong to keep the money for themselves. They decided to look at the address on the ID and return the wallet to its rightful owner.

"We found your wallet outside of your car and we just thought we would give it back to you. I'm going to put it over here so no one takes any money. You're welcome. Thank you," was the message that the kids left for Nigel on the video.

Jamie was extremely touched by their kind actions. Haylie and Reagan's mother expressed her pride in her kids for doing the right thing to reporters from the Daily Mail. "As parents, I think we always hope they are doing the right thing when we are not around or when no one is watching," she said.

To draw attention to the three responsible youngster's actions Jamie shared the surveillance video on social media. It quickly went viral.

What is your reaction to the kind actions of these honest kids? Let us know your thoughts. Pass this story along to help remind others that there are still some young people out there who want to do the right thing!