Man Captures Footage Of Horse's Daily Ritual As Proof To Show Neighbors

Jan 15, 2019 by apost team

Most people are creatures of habit. You probably have things that you do every day, and you likely do them a certain way. You might be surprised to discover that animals can also develop habits. In one community, a horse owner told the story of his horse's daily ritual. His neighbors didn't believe him, so he recorded his horse as proof.

If you have a dog or cat, you're probably familiar with its habits. Most pets have a ritual around favorite activities. They also usually develop a ritual around nap time, grooming, playtime and eating. You might be surprised that horses do these things, too! Horses are known for their strength.

People who are familiar with horses know that the animals are also intelligent. As excellent problem-solvers, horses are adept at figuring out a solution to a problem that affects their safety or comfort. Horses are also creative, and they will make use of what they can find for solving problems.

When it's hot outside, animals also suffer from discomfort. A man with a big in-ground swimming pool noticed that his horse found a clever way to cool off on hot summer days. Every afternoon, the horse would carefully climb down the side and into the pool.

The horse swam laps, making big splashes as he went. The magnificent animal did not seem to notice that his owner was watching. After the owner told a few friends, he decided to make a recording for proof. After all, it is difficult to believe that a horse would take a daily dip in the pool.

After doing some laps, the horse climbed out of the pool, shook off the water and took a stroll. The water must have been a good way to cool off in the heat of the afternoon. It is important to note the dark color of the horse's coat, which likely caused the animal to get hot in direct sunlight.

This clever way of cooling off is not unheard of in the animal kingdom, but it does show that animals are often smarter than people assume.

What do you think about this horse? Do you have pets or animals who have peculiar habits? Are your pet's habits worthy of recording and showing it to the world? Tell us what you think and send this amusing footage to your friends!