Man Built His Goldfish A 'Wheelchair' To Stop Him Swimming Upside Down

When we take on the responsibility of pets, we must always remember that they can get sick. Pets can need medical treatment just as much as a human can, so it is very important to set aside an emergency fund if you have animals.

You never know when you are going to need to take your dog in for surgery or your cat in for an accident.

However, most people don’t think that fish will be that much trouble at all. In fact, we are betting most adults have owned at least one fish in their lifetime. Besides setting up the tank and keeping things clean, you really don’t hear much about goldfish care. That is, until Henry Kim made the news with his amazing little contraption.

According to the Daily Mail, Henry Kim, 32, is an aquarium enthusiast from South Korea who decided to create a “fish wheelchair” when one of his fish could no longer swim properly. The fish, who had contracted swim bladder disorder, could not swim the right away. This disorder causes fish to either float upside down or quickly die.

Henry, who works as a fashion designer in Seoul, South Korea, became famous after a video of his goldfish swimming in his little wheelchair went viral. In the video you can watch as the plump little fish is able to swim all over the tank, thanks to the help from his owner. Any fish that contracts swim bladder disorder is given a wheelchair made by Henry.

Henry told the outlet that he has found the disorder in some of the fish that are imported from Thailand and China. His wheelchair allows the fish to live much longer than they normally would.

When Henry was asked how he came up with his fantastic invention, he praised Google. Henry keeps over 20 goldfish in his three fish tanks at home. He loves that his simple wheelchair contraption allows them to stay afloat and swim with the other fishes.

Fish who live in dirty water or who overeat can contract swim bladder disorder. According to Henry, fish with this particular disease usually only live to be a couple of months old. But with his amazing little device, he has a fish that has lived five months longer than it should have. 

You can watch the cute little fish swim around below:

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