Man Builds House Over Pond So He's Able To Fish From His Living Room

Jul 16, 2019

We all have some type of activity that we simply love to do. Some people love to read, and others like to write. One man, in particular, loves to fish. So much, in fact, that he went to great lengths to make sure he could fish whenever he wanted to.

Paul Philips is an elderly man who decided that he was going to build the home of his dreams. It turned out to be a house that any man would love to have. The house is built right over a fish pond. Not only that, Paul went to extra lengths to make sure that he would be able to fish whenever he wanted. He built a trap door into the living room floor that opens up to the pond.

He built his home this way because he says he loves to fish every day. However, there are some places that he likes to fish that he simply isn't allowed. He has been asked to leave a number of areas. He made up his mind one day that he would build his home over a pond with a lot of fish in it. Paul can now go fishing basically any time that he pleases!

Paul bought the land first. He then rented a backhoe so that he could dig out the pond. When that was done, he hired a reputable contractor to build his dream home. His house is 1,850 square feet and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. But that isn't all this amazing home has!

Check out the fishing hole in his living room floor:

Paul said that his neighbors love the idea of him having a fishing hole right in the middle of his home. He said that his neighbor lady next door also loves to fish and that she enjoys hearing the frogs croaking in the spring.

Paul has also stated that he will live in his home for a bit until he is ready to move on. He will then buy a bigger house over a bigger pond. That way, the fish he catches will be bigger!

What an amazing idea! We love that Paul put his plan to work. It will be interesting to see the new pictures!

You can watch a video below:

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