Man Builds Completely Self-Sustaining Island Homestead With Salvaged Materials

Sep 10, 2021 by apost team

A self-described shaman has made it his mission to protect the wildlife and wetlands in British Columbia, Canada. Trying to leave a good impact on the world, he has continued to do everything in his power to respect nature and protect it. The man goes by the name of Shadow, adding to the mysterious nature that matches his unique living arrangement. After creating a completely self-sustaining island homestead using salvaged materials, Shadow has been happily living off the grid for the past 17 years.

Originally from Ottawa, Shadow has chosen this life to best protect and respect the natural environment while enjoying the simplicities of life. He has kept his real name and other personal information away from news outlets and the media so he can truly focus on his mission of preserving the land.

His “floating island” consists of a series of boats and shacks in Widgeon Marsh Regional Park Reserve, with discarded pieces of wood, plastic, barrels and tires all combined to create his actual home. The area is considered the largest wetland in southwestern British Columbia and is known for its natural beauty and peacefulness. Doing everything he can to protect the marsh, Shadow has gone out of his way to deter people from disturbing the area’s wildlife, land and wetlands.

Although it hasn’t always been easy, and Shadow has been met with his fair share of challenges from time to time, he has thoroughly enjoyed living in such a gorgeous area and finding a way to really connect with nature while being self-sufficient. 

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Shadow is a self-described shaman who protects the wildlife and wetlands in British Columbia, according to his Instagram bio. He has been living off-grid in his self-sustaining homestead for 17 years. He salvaged all of the materials himself from items he found in the marsh, such as wood, plastic, barrels and tires, according to the Vancouver Sun.

“I want to live with nature and not damage anything,” Shadow explained.

It seems like Shadow has found a way to have everything he needs while still protecting and respecting the natural environment. The Vancouver Sun reported that he has been able to sustain himself with a garden, wood stove and kitchen; he even has an entertainment area filled with DVD movies powered by solar energy. His island homestead is also complete with a workshop and two compostable toilets — one for him and another for his pet dog, a pointer-pit bull named Bou that he found in 2015. She swims and even plays fetch in the marsh with Shadow. Shadow also has a friend that brings him supplies and dog food every two weeks.

Back in Aug. 2017, Shadow was served with an eviction notice from the Port of Vancouver, but he has continued to live his self-sustaining life in the wetlands. The Vancouver Sun reported that Metro Vancouver had ongoing efforts to develop the reserve into a public access regional park, which included allowing film crews to create movies in the area. Unhappy with this, Shadow said in the same interview:

“I love movies, don’t get me wrong or anything. But the fact they’re filming in here, it’s devastating to the ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, Don Bradley, the media relations manager of Metro Vancouver pointed out that making films and squatting are two completely different issues. He told the Vancouver Sun:

“Trespassing or habitation or squatting are prohibited. These rules apply to everyone. The reserve is closed to the public while a management plan is being drawn up.” 

He adds that with filming, "there is strict oversight and guidance" while it takes place. Jeremy Plotkin, who is the supervisor of visitor services for Metro Vancouver confirmed to the Vancouver Sun that there is on-site supervision during filming, telling the news outlet: 

“They supervise every single hour of every shoot in every park. We don’t let just anyone go in and film without being watched.”

Although today Shadow seems to be content with his private life, living in a self-sustained home in such a beautiful area, his fight to protect the area isn't over yet.

“I don’t want the whole public thing,” he said. “I just want to be left alone. I want freedom and peace.”

In a 2020 video, he continued on his message, calling himself a "guardian" of the area:

"The biggest threat I see for the area is a government that's no longer in touch with our home and native lands ... they claim it to be a park now. It's not a park, never has been and it shouldn't be. This should be preserved. We need to be smart and selective of what areas we can go to and what areas we should just leave alone."  

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