Man Builds A 300,000-Gallon Swimming Pool For His Family and It Looks Incredible

Jul 23, 2020 by apost team

Back in 2017, a Canadian man built the perfect summer hangout for him and his family with a massive 300,000-gallon pool — and it’s all in his backyard.

Picture living in a luxurious home with a pool just like that of a beach house. A pool that is not just like any other pool, but one that is able to accommodate activities such as boat rowing, balloon ball games, and more. Canada is where Jerry and Marina Leussink reside. They are privileged to own a farm there are many of their friends as well as a family takes a trip to visit them during summer. We all know that summertime is an exciting time of the year and the period is full of activities and fun.

This motivated Jerry to put up a swimming pool in their farm, according to Wide Open Country. Jerry did not just build a normal average pool as is the case with many people. He built a huge 1.2 million liter pool. His pool is 90 by 70 feet, and is 14-feet deep. This is bigger than any average pool and can hold more activities as earlier mentioned.

Safety at the pool Jerry proceeded to add a 30-millimeter poly liner to increase the pool’s safety. For cleaning the pool, Jerry uses chlorine and other products and also does water rotating with a pumping system. The pool is evidently very clean and well maintained. Jerry is even seen occasionally cleaning the pool area and ensuring good hygiene and sanitation. He also maintains a keen view of the area to ensure safety for all in the area.

Another good thing about Jerry’s pool is that people are able to enjoy the various fun activities without having to deal with so much crowding as the pool is in a private residence that is well managed. To Jerry, this is a dream come true for his friends and family. He is very committed to ensuring that this project maintains very high standards and that it serves its purpose to the fullest.

Fun activities Jerry has with time added a sandbox, a patio area, which also serves as a dance floor as well as a dock for walking directly into the pool. The pool is more of a backyard beach paradise, which allows good swimming as well as other activities. His visitors are able to enjoy a beach experience while swimming, ride boats, play with water balls, and more.

The pool is also children friendly and offers the young ones a lovely experience during their stay with the Leussink family. The summer weather makes the experience more enjoyable. This is especially bearing in mind that Canada can be really cold during other seasons. People visiting here are therefore eager to make the most out of their stay, adults and children alike.

Jerry has gone ahead to plan the area around the pool perfectly with a garden place where his visitors can expound on more activities such as children's playgrounds and netball activities. It is an area where people can also camp and light bonfires, have a barbecue, and more. The fun in this place is unlimited and thinking of the energy and excitement of the summer season makes it even better. The area is also away from the busy town life and is in a serene area for a good getaway.

This is absolutely a unique recreation and leisure place. The view of the place leaves one loving it and even with the desire to be in the pool to experience its beauty directly. What did you think of this incredible story? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to send it on to a friend.