Man Brings 2,000 Pound Horse Into Store Because Leashed Animals Are Allowed

A sign of "pets not allowed" can be seen at practically every store or public building everywhere. This is seen as pet discrimination by many pet lovers that have been insisting on being allowed to bring their beloved pets with them.

Some businesses and establishments have heeded to their desire and opened their doors for humans as well as for pets. Most people imagine cats or dogs on a leash when they think of pets. There are, however, exceptions to this common stereotype.

The few establishments that allow pets to be brought with their owners are the ones that shoppers revel going to. There was one man from Oklahoma who was overjoyed to hear that he could bring his pet to a tractor supply store as long as it was on a leash.

This case would have been totally forgotten if it was not for a shopper by the name of Robin who took a picture of this particular man's pet. He first saw the man come into the store in cowboy attire. The man double checked the sign that allowed pets to be brought in with a leash before walking in with his senior horse tied to its leash.

After all, the man was there for his horse and wanted to bring the horse along with him. As the rules implied, the man had no restrictions in entering the store with his horse with a bridle the whole time.

The animal itself looked extremely relieved to be able to cool down in the building after standing outside in the hot sun.

Robin, the man who took the picture of the horse, posted about the ordeal on Social Media. He wrote:

"Gentlemen walks into tractor supply and says I'm a senior here to buy senior horse feed for my senior horse can he come in?
Tractor supply workers: Let me ask our boss.
Boss: well technically our sign on the front door does say all pets welcome must be on a leash! And a Bridle is a leash for a horse! Lol"

The sight of a man dressed as a cowboy and his horse is both humorous and touching. It is amazing to see someone love his horse so much that he was doing everything possible to bring him inside the cool establishment and away from the scorching sun outside.

It just shows that all animals are the same -- if you can bring your cat or dog inside, you can bring your horse inside as well.

The man and the horse finished their shopping. They were inside the store just long enough for the cameraman to take pictures of the unusual pair and for the children to get the chance to pet the horse.

What do you think of this unusual relationship between man and his pet? Would you take your pet inside the store no matter its size? Let us know in the comments - and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!